A New path

Hi everyone, I’m Michal, or Michael from Pilsen, Czech Republic. If you like nicknames you can also call me Imfnt which should mean Of snakes/maggots in ancient egyptian, but I’m not really sure about the translation. I’m Taurus with ascendant in Gemini.
I’m also painter, writer, musician/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist who taps into metal, stoner/psychedelic rock, punk rock, blues, jazz and noise.
My magician skills are really vague with regular use of tarot and only some voodoo experiences from asolescence when I tried to connect with Papa Legba which ended up once with total lost of consiousness and sudden awakening on a different place where I’ve started and another time with strange dream where talking black cat demanded my questions.
Apart from that I really couldn’t connect with any other entity which is really funny since members of my family are fond of occult, but any time they’ve had a seance, they send me away, since with me they were certain that nothing will happen. I liked to make jokes about entities being afraid of me, but I think that the reason is rather that I’m more scientificaly oriented guy and I used to be more sceptical about anything others cosidered to be presence of a ghost. So yeah, I’m not strong with evocations, but where I excel are dreams where the most memorable ones were predigting or warning about the future.
That’s also the area where I would like to get primarly better especially with trance, self-hypnosis, out of body experience and lucid dreaming to better understand myself. The reason for this is my lack of inspiration. Finally after an year and half I’ve mastered my self-made instrument on which I can replace whole band, I found my sound, style ect. but I cannot find anything meaningfull I would like to play about. Works of EA Poe, JRR Tolkien or especially HP Lovecraft can be good start, but when it comes to writing I miss pleasure in it and I’m coming back to my good old stuff which doesn’t tell me much musicaly anymore.
Another reason I’m here is to get more knowledge about occult in general, because I believe that would bring me closer to lovecraftian Gods and inspiration I seek. In the end some of my most favourite pieces of the myth were written by real life occultists and since in the morning tarot told me that I will finish the circle(aka finishing works on instrument, finding the sound) and jump on a new path today, I think this is it.
So if you’ve got any advices for a total beginner, I humbly listen and if I can ask for something, it would be any literature you found usefull, no matter the area. For evocations I was thinking about Aleister Crowley’s work, but it’s some time since he wrote that, there’ve been other famous magicians and you maybe have better experiences with another authors. I’ve read some medieval demonologist’s grimoires, but outside of Paimon there isn’t really any other entity I would be interested in and I’m not really sure if kings and princes of hell are good start. But I can be wrong.
Thank you for welcoming me here, sorry it took almost an year to write my introduction, I had to finish the instrument, plus make my mind and sorry for the length of the text. I use to get wild when I’m writing.

Welcome to the BALG forum.

I’m happy to be here.