A new jounrney "Beginner Draconian Path Jouney Starting over in life at 34"

I normally don’t journal anymore and if I do I tend to keep it hidden. But I feel keeping it public might do some good to help hold me accountable to my study and work.

A bit of background on me. I start with the occult at a young age around 14 with Wicca between then and the age of 34 I took part in Asatru with the AFA left due to Stephen stepping down and new blood taking over. Moved onto Thelema were I did my grade work for years with the temple of the silver star in San Fransisco California. Left that mainly because It was all study and no work really I handed my my robe and moved on after many years with them. I later in my life found my god parents in Lucumi which Cuban Santeria were I received my elekes ceremony and my warriors. I worked many Ceremonies my main jobs was to tend to the animals and carry them to throne room. I spent most my down time a the ceremonies picking the minds of the elders and learning as much as I could. I saw few possessions and drumming ceremonies even had a orisha or 2 mount someone and speak to me in the throne room. They were all very powerful experiences but just not what I was looking for.

I found the left hand path a year ago. I read a ton of books but didn’t really move past EA darkness exercise. I did that for months It was pretty Rewarding But The change I experienced I guess scared me away. I was terrified of the darkness but I was letting it into me little by little daily. My biggest mistake then I feel was to stop. I stopped mid practice one day and everything kinda feel apart. My wife and me split, I lost my job. My health took a shit the works. Was it due to me stopping who knows but that is pass the point.

I start today with My new journey. 2021-10-03T07:00:00Z

I will be taking up

Draconian Ritual Book
Book by Asenath Mason

I plan to talk about my journey all the ups and downs as well as my approach to fit things into my life. Its been a long hard and bumpy road but I finally feel at home. Today Im going to focus on a few things to prepare

  • Clean my house my house is a wreck due to my mental health
  • Set up a study platform and stick to it
  • Set up a basic daily morning and evening ritual something small to start to get me used to daily work again
  • Get acquainted with my breath again and controlling it through some basic breath work
  • Most of all work on my health, health I found is a huge thing over the years from depression I went from 150 to 303 and that Is no place to work magick in my opinion. I want to build my self into a healthy vessel to contain and preform my work.

I thank who ever reads and follows this. Welcome to my um “zero to hero journey” haha It will be full of pictures and rants and research most of all it will have a huge beginner insight into my journey. I want people to be able to read this and learn from my mistakes no mater how small or large. I know its hard it find people who will share there gnosis and most of all who will share there journey. But here I am and welcome to my journey and life may you enjoy the humor and find insight on the things I suffer through and go through over the next year on my path.

I plan to post a few times a day If possible to keep you updated after all magick is something we experince all day long not just at the altar. Its at home, work, the streets.

I want to get my self up to speed and learn

  • Scrying
  • Tarot
  • Better my meditation
  • Sigil Work
  • Rise my kundalini
  • Maybe try to use some crystals always wanted to but hate on the idea because I feel its to new age
  • Most of all I want to get my self as person up to speed on my life and health so that I can be a vessel for my work to move and live through.

Welcome to My temple,


Besides holding yourself responsible I feel like a journal is always great for beginners to get an insight into how this whole thing is supposed to work.
I am a beginner and want to start a journal helping other beginners aswell and funnily enough I also recently got into crystals despite also scoffing at the new agey feel they can have to them :laughing:
Good luck on your newfound path, Im curious to read updates on this (especially how the crystal thing will work out for ya :stuck_out_tongue: )


I’ll keep you posted I got some I guess charging left them overnight from my new age friends they told me I over charge them haha we will see


Man, you live on the edge!

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Or…they overcharged on it :woman_shrugging:

AHHHH so I been gone sick for the past 12 days. I can down with covid it kicked my rear end. Im mostly over it now just massive brain fog and little to energy. Im looking to start back up Just havent been able to actualy work or do much of anything Here goes nothing! ill keep you all posted this weekend how things end up and the outcome.

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