A new holiday

I would like to start a month long holiday which will last through December, I’ve been practicing it for a while and I call it satanmas. The first week is for one to figure out what defines yourself and to do the ritual that was posted in the last newsletter. The second week is for destroying all your attachments through baneful workings, especially the things you think you cannot live without. The third is for building upon your kingdom, bring what you desire to you whether it be sexual or financial. The fourth is preparation for ascent in the new year, go out and make a pact with a demon, buy a bound spirit, get dante to get you possessed, just whatever will completely change your life now into a more occult oriented life… Merry satanmas, also since I know none of you did this you can all do it through January lol. If someone wanted to make a satanmas Carol that started with “it’s beginning to feel a lot like a satanic mass” that would be amazing

Step 1. On a piece of paper, write down the personal inventory I was talking about earlier. Take into account all of the good and the bad and ugly about yourself. Try to make this in a list format, so it’s easy to look over and get a good idea of the person that you are. BE HONEST. No one will ever see this but you. Also write down recurring negative patterns that you notice in your life, whether or not they are in your control.

Step 2. Take a black marker or a bottle of white-out and mark over the attributes of yourself that you like, that are positive, and that contribute to your growth. These are the aspects of yourself and your life that don’t need to be effected and can remain intact through the alchemical fire.

Step 3. Draw a simple pentagram on the paper, large enough to cover most of the page. If for whatever reason you feel like using another symbol (mercury, sulfur, a cross, etc.), go for it! This is you ritual, so make it your own!

Step 4. Gaze at the symbol in the same way that you would activate a sigil, relaxing your gaze and falling into the theta/gamma sync. This is where the interesting stuff happens. The symbol will flash and will essentially become a gateway into the worlds of spirit; your scrying vision will not only activate the symbol as a gateway, but the words beneath the drawn symbol as well; combined with your intention to destroy these aspects of yourself, you are pointing a devastating weapon at those brick walls that you face. You can verbalize this if you wish, as a command: “This person who I once was is now dead.”

Step 5. Burn the piece of paper and scatter the ashes into the earth or into the water. Those aspects of yourself are free to die.

Step 6. Take a second sheet of paper and write down attributes of the person that you would like to become. Basically, visualize how you would look, how you would act, feel, and think, if you had no limitations. I’ve used this exact method to become a wealthier person, healthier, in better shape, happier, fulfilled in every way.

Step 7. Again, draw a symbol of power over this piece of paper, and activate it as a gateway between the worlds.

Step 8. State your intention: “I have become the person that I am!” It is important to have a clear vision of who that person is, and to emotionally connect with it, bringing the emotions of absolute success into the immediate present tense, so that when you say, "I have become the person that I am, " that you know it to be true.

Step 9. Fold the paper up and put it away in a drawer, box, desk, or journal.

At some point, you’ll forget about this whole ritual. Shortly after you do, you’ll find this piece of paper and realize that every aspect of yourself that you wanted to leave behind is gone, and every attribute that you wanted to possess is enjoyed.

Now, don’t restrict this to major compulsions or disorders. We might be a little crazy, but we’re not all off our rockers either. You don’t have to be a wreck to be able to improve your life. Extend this ritual into any avenue of your life to see things drastically change, seemingly effortlessly!

Many of you are going to get right onto this ritual - you’re going to actually settle in and perform this technique in order to manifest real change in your life, without worrying about “how it works” and “why it works”. On the other hand, there are some other magicians who may think performing “spells” for self-change is over their head - or perhaps they don’t understand the astral/mental underpinning behind how it works. If this is the case, I strongly encourage you to take a peek at my Become A Living God eBook.

Great idea Necromaster… I’m already in the process of organising this with Dante! I’m done fucking around!! Time to get serious.

The next step is to have the holiday every month, or at least during solstice/equinox months, right? :wink:

I don’t really like holidays, just starting this one to get these wizards out of their recliners lol

I try to do this at least quarterly although this New Years willbe culminating in a Grand Ritual like I’ve never done before

It’s Beginning to look a lot like Satan-Mas…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Satan-Mas
Everywhere you go;
Take a look in the crystal ball, or scrying mirror on the wall,
With copal resin and candles all aglow.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Satan-Mas,
Evocations are in store,
But the most brutal sight to see are the demons that will be
breaking down your door.

Azazel for a spell, Belial for a while,
Is the dream of many a mage:
Your dolls may talk, and then start to walk.
Possessed over and over my friend…
Any shade you desire, is open for hire, Lucifer strikes again…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Satan-Mas
Blood sprayed on the walls;
There’s a corpse in the Grand Hotel, a necromancer there as well,
He’s a depraved kind that doesn’t mind the smell…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Satanmas;
Soon the pacts will start,
Get into theta-gamma sync to accomplish all your dreams
Make them extra dark…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Satan-Mas,
Baneful acts galore,
But the most lovely sight to see is the goat head that will be
hanging on your door.

It’s Satan-Mas you whores!


Thanks :wink: I hope it worked well, lol! I had some time to kill at work…

Same here Jan 1 2013 is d-day for me, im at fucking war!

what was that newsletter you refered to?


thanks necromaster, it is just what I need

so, unholydays are getting close and I just want to give best wishes to all

and give you this:

[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbzuzSbCyfQ]Awake Ye Scary Great Old Ones - YouTube

I personally have not worked with the old ones but for all those who have, hope you enjoy

Love this Necro…will try out

Manana Im evoking Astaroth physically as I have been drawn to him for quite some time. I know there is more to him then just what the Goetia describes.

Happy New Year


Yea it’s definitely a good holiday. I’ve got some holiday news coming up soon