A new entity

I have, as I’ve posted before, been learning void magic. I just performed a summoning it ritual shown to me by lucifuge to invoke an ancient entity. I thought I’d share my experience here.
I started out by placing a candle on small table and kneeling before it. I then placed 4 more candles down, 2 on either side, and lit all 5 candles. It was at this point that I commanded the void to open and created a portal. Once I had done this I called to the being and asked him to fill the room with his presence.
upon doing so I felt an immensely powerful presence enter the room, it felt as though It was more powerful and knowledgeable than all the demons I’d summoned before combined.
Once he had arrived, lucifuge told me to invoke it and ask it to possess me. Once I did so I felt a huge amount of power surge through me, along with a greater understanding of magic demons and the void.
I’ve asked that it remain with me and aid in my progress and future endeavours, to which he agreed. I’m currently unsure of the entities name nor have I heard of a similar being before.
Well that’s about it, just fancied sharing. Hope yall enjoyed reading :slight_smile:


Just looked more at him in the astral and i saw a huge humanoid like creature, crawling on all 4 like an animal, through a velvet black void. He seems to have an affinity with water and fire

try to get its name and specialties. I want to know it if Lucifuge knows it.

More powerful than this entity?


I’ve since worked more with this entity and he specialises in manipulation and domination overpeople and spirits. He grants control of shadow people. Grants magical power and will power/ confidence. I also found him very willing to aid me and help boost the power of my own magic. He also taught a pretty good storm spell to me.
As with all void spirits he values those who take magic and their goals seriously. Although he will teach you and assist you, he won’t just do things for you. He gives the might and the knowledge and demands that you wield those gifts to obtain results.
I found him harder to understand at first. Initially his voice sounded like thunder and only in the past few days have I learned to converse successfully with him.
I believe he may be an old one, I came to this conclusion by looking at his aura and also how much ore challenging to communicate and summon he was. Though I’m still working on this

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Question. Was he a crawling black man? What did he look like more specifically?

Not a black man as in an African guy no. More of a man beast that had a black miasma flowing off it. He appears to have smooth skin. His face isn’t completely human nor is it completely animal. I would draw him, but my drawing skills are appalling.
He crawled but in a really graceful, flowing manner, almost gliding. He wears a long black cloak that flows out behind him and tge hood covers some of the face. Ill visit him in the astral tonight and try to formulate a better description for you.

Just looked again. He’s pretty close now. I’ve been performing rituals to strengthen our bond and they’re really having an effect. Starting to see clearly now. The skin is smooth and black. His cloak is sleeveless and his arms are long and thin. His skin is black and he has very lage but slender hands and fingers, long claws too.
Ive worked with alot of spirits before but ive never felt unerved before… this is both strange and exciting. Whenever I look into the astral I see him reaching towards me.

So you basically cannot see what race he comes from because something is blocking it? Interesting.

A user recently emailed me with a problem with the ritual, so I thought I’d post my advice for him so anyone else having trouble can benefit as well

When I performed the ritual I’d already been working with the void for a while so I’d imagine that’s why I found it easier. I just got a feel for the veil between world’s and channelled my will through the flame in front of me, reaching through the veil and pulling the void to me. Once I’d got a good grip I molded it into a portal. Kind of like working with clay. ( just using your mind instead of hands ).
There are two things I’d advise you to do before attempting it again.
Firstly work with a few void spirits first and really get a feel of what their auras are like.
Secondly I’d advise you to use my ritual as inspiration, not a guide. Think of candle magicas a light house. The building is the ritual and tthe flame is a piece of yourself. When we make up a ritual ourselves we put a little of our own essence into it, it becomes a personal thing. This little bit of you acts as the fire in the light house and with out the fire no one will be able to see you. By copying a ritual you’re not putting in the fire so results may not be as good.

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I’ve got a name for the new entity: Neploth, I can also now see him clearly

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