A new entity

Sooooooo, recently I’ve started feeling my patron, Lord Lucifer, distancing himself from me and I’ve felt a new entity stepping forward. This new entity is pretty pushy and causes me anxiety if I don’t move and does as he asks. He has shown himself to me and his energy is pretty heavy. Not heavy bad just heavy like he’s someone very important. I refused to work with this new entity and went about my days. About a week or so ago, my gold necklace I wear for Lucifer with his sigil, broke beyond repair. I was devastated. I did some research because I kept seeing visions of the letter “B” and being shown my demon tarot deck. After meditating for a bit I was told to clean my altar and make a space. It made me a bit uneasy because that was Lucifer’s space. I lit a candle and ask if it was okay that I took down his altar and moved things around so he could have his space. He reassured me that it was more than okay. So I did so, I created his space and I made space to one side where I lit a white candle as I associate white with being a neutral color and my usual red candle for Lucifer. The new entity told me he did not want a white candle but instead wanted a red candle like Lucifer’s. So I obligated and lit a red one. He then told me he wanted my black pendulum. Again, I obligated and put my pendulum in his space. As soon as I out the box containing my pendulum down the name, “Belial” flashed in my head. After doing some research a lot of things began making sense.
A few days later I was told to make a space for myself to meditate. I took too long and saw something in my closet move a few items of clothing.
Scared the hell out of me. I cleaned my closet and was told to sit and meditate and to take my pendulum and demon tarot deck so that I may ask him directly and confirm who it was. I sat, lit sandalwood incense as an offering and meditated. I saw a gentleman in a suit with huge horns and longish hair appear before me. He did not speak to me but he stood there. I took my pendulum and asked him what a yes from him would look like. Pendulum swung counter clockwise. Then I asked what a no from him would look like. Pendulum swung from left to right. I pulled out the tarot card with Belial on it. Pulled my pendulum over it and immediately it swung counter clockwise. I asked if the entity who is wanting to work with me Belial. I pulled the card from under it and asked again. Yes. Then the gentleman disappeared saying I was done.

Very interesting, very interesting indeed.