A new book out now: The Magick of Astaroth

Hey all.

Looking through that big online shopping arcade I noticed a book cover I’ve not seen before.
Ooh a new book? Oh yes.

It seems very detailed and may be of interest for those with a leaning to work with Astaroth, with rituals in both ceremonial and pathworkings for power and wealth.



it sounds like you are advertising! Is that your book?

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No it’s not my book lol.

I thought it might stir some interest in others and it’s written by an author I’ve not read before. It caught my eye because for a while now I’ve wondered why I’m not seeing any new books, or at least none have really caught my attention, then this popped up.

It’s written in a style of friendliness, humour and humility to the subject and makes for an easy read where it doesn’t bog you down with details. I found this to be quite refreshing actually.