A new and confusing journey

Hello. I was barely on the forum a few years back. Never thought I’d be back but here I am. I may just be journaling or venting, maybe I feel it is time to connect with someone.

I created a highly successful business, achieved the home and hobbies I always wanted. However I recently lost every bit of it. Not going into detail but it was basically my choice to do so. I walked away because I suddenly felt nothing for it all. As the fool I embark once again on a journey to find a new experience or meaning.

But this time it is much different. I have experienced some sort of connection or calling in which I cannot describe. Dream like experiences and incredible synchronicities. Intense emotions and sensitivities drawing me towards this place and person that’s so very far away. So I visited this place and I met this person. I called upon ASMODAY to help me find meaning. But I am very confused about it all.

My emotions are getting in the way of my divination and possibly interfering with my contact right now. I have returned to sell the last of my belongings and start anew at this new place.

I have been having powerful visions that I simply cannot decipher. Have I reached a new level of spirit contact? I am certainly not experiencing mental health issues, as I can still close off and think rationally about my new journey. And it seems like a terrible decision - to be broke, homeless, yet not even free, due to this obsession to experience this new place. I do not have any answers as to why I’m being drawn away and into this new experience. But I feel there is something there for me that is so important.

I have been on many spiritual journeys and learned many lessons over the years. But this is the first time I am going headfirst into something completely unknown to me. I have lost the ability to divine or understand clear messages from spirit. Or am I actually being guided in a very powerful way?

I’m willing to give more details if anyone is interested in helping me process my situation. Thanks for reading. Best wishes.


Ill listen, i van day i have similar experience in what your saying.