A Muggles Guide to Black Magick

I just had to share - what an epic video… a newbie must and a great reminder for me personally.


This has given me such great ideas to play with my life rather than blindly hope. You have my many thanks for posting this.

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How and where do i start? Like what books and sigils do I have to buy?

EA saying that one may start with any of the Godlike Powers is good for me, since basically I pursue the spectacular (and the possibility to “act”), which in my mind are Evocation and Soul Travel.
This must be why a divination intriguing me is scrying…
@SpaceTravelr the Become a Living God ebook may be a good beginning, for the sigils either entity (Belial and Lucifer) or path orientated (Qliphotic Star and Trinity of Triangles Amulets).

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