A Motto

“Without malice or mercy.”

Make of this what you will, translate it, make it be a guide or something you’d rather do without (“because bad people deserve hate, and all little pickles deserve mercy!”) - this is a concept hot from Kalki’s horse-shoe.

Derived with hard labour, from the way things will be. :slight_smile:

Without malice or mercy.

Without mercy or malice.

Without malice or mercy.

Without mercy or malice.

Without malice or mercy.

Without mercy or malice.

Isn’t it NICE? :slight_smile:

Pragmatism in a nut shell.

There is no pain, only warning.
There is no fear, only uncertainty
There is no defeat, only death


If I could have known that when I was younger, and often had moments of crippling depression, I could have probably figured things out a lot faster, and saved a lot of wasted grey years. Hmmn, thanks for that one - it’s going in my diary!

Maybe I should clarify. Through is the motto of my Scottish family clan.

How does having a family motto work? I would imagine it would become a kind of egregore, a sentinal idea-as-spirit that assists you sometimes, the idea has always fascinated me. :slight_smile:

Yeah I guess you could look at it like that and it can work in that way too. Using my family motto as an example, say your in a tough spot be it physical or otherwise, we say this to ourselves or our opposition and it gives us that boost we need. Be it mental, physical or spiritual.

It can also kind of be like an identification. Telling something about us or a trait we hold to.

For my clan when we say Through, what we are really saying is, we will not go over or around but we will go through, be it person, obstacle or any other opposition.

Oh! Small side note the Scottish clan I am from their ancestors where of Nordic descent(aka Vikings). So the motto could have even deeper meaning then I know.