A missed opportunity? or the right thing to do

Tonight I called on belial and chanted his name for a good 15 minutes. I asked him to come into me and guide me through the questions I have for you. A while in and I feel his energy shoot into my body filling my limbs and my face. It was clear that he said he was here. I then felt my limbs twitch and I suddenly knew that he wanted me to do a possession. I told him clearly that I wasn’t ready for it and all I got in response was “you ruined my fun”. He left after that.

I feel like I missed a big opportunity but i also have never gone that far with any spirit, and I only know belial a little. I’m wondering if this was the right thing to do? Did I just miss out on a big opportunity?
Not only that he could have just met me in the astral like I normally do with spirits.

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You know what. I think I achieved theta gamma sync… I was in a perfect trance and was ready for communication. My question for belial was how do I know this is real. And I think he wanted to show me just how real this shit was.


That’s a great question. Belial is about personal sovereignty, so unless it was some sort of test, I don’t know that it was him. Granted, my personal experiences don’t make for a definitive answer. He’s the only one I’ve let completely possess me and he stayed within the rules of our agreement. Hopefully others will chime in.


you never know if the spirit is the one you request or not. You have to intuitively figure it out after making many request to gain trust. especially of possession. you shouldn’t be careless to let entity possess you so easily. Better to be cautious than get loads of regret.


Saw this happen back in about 2006-7, I think. Nonetheless, I saw it. Ruined the guy’s marriage and therefore relationship with his kids and destroyed his career. Said he could hear it laughing at him. ‘Like a spider in a hole.’



Likely a smart call honestly. At the end of the day, we have the free will to say no. If you are uncomfortable taking a step with a spirit, you should say no. If you need time to get to know a spirit before even jumping to that, then take it. It took a couple months with Belial before I stepped over that threshold myself for similiar reasons.


Thank you everyone for your feed back it has helped me.