A Method Of Blind Evocation

A Method Of Blind Evocation
Crossroad calling

Okay obviously there’s many times as an evocator or magus etc, we get a feeling a spirit is trying to contact us from picking up on their energy or haunting or poltergeist activity etc.

So there are many ways of getting in contact with these entities one way is called blind evocation, there are many ways this can be done this is a great way i perform it myself.

Sit relaxed in meditation, quiet your mind and say " I now expand my reach to any being which wishes to expand their reach to me ".

Simply enter the Theta Gamma Sync and allow it to get deeper and deeper, close your eyes when you feel a internal shift and when you feel you’re dropping through the floor through rings of reality.

Now close your eye’s and visualize your sitting or standing in a crossroads, and simply feel your aura expand with your breath.

Now say

" I call out to those who have been calling out to me, any being, spirit or force which wishes to contact me, introduce yourself before me in this crossroads answer my calling "

When you see the spirit before you focus on your will and say

" Spirit reveal to me your name and reason you wish to contact me ".

I know it sounds simple but i was shocked how easy and effective it is, but fucking hell it works well, even traced to shamanic uses for meeting spirit guides.

Simply try it gain the name, sigil, etc,.

Hope this helps


Conner Kendall.


I may be being a fuss-budget but I would check beforehand via divination and/or asking trusted spirits about this, you don’t go opening the door wide to everyone who knocks, and in core shamanism the traveller will have at least one mentor spirit to protect them, trad. shamans would have had far more before they go answering random calls.

Granny moment over, as you were! :stuck_out_tongue:


OK I am not a blogger ,and I’m having a hard time navigating the site. I have a Facebook group( Ordo Draconis ) it’s based on the Temple of Ascending Flame I would like you to join. I would like to add some of your work.

This is another methods in astral magick, it is used to make contact with spirits on astral ground.Thanks for this, I know someone will find it useful.

This would work for evocation right?

Close your eyes get in to TGS you feel “internal shift” dizzy,light-headed and pressure in your forehead then chant the spirits name till it shows up