A message of gratitude for E.A. Koetting and all Living Gods

I just signed up as a new member of Become A Living God with the intent to express my thanks for the hard work and dedication of all contributors to this vast nexus of illuminating information…

It is important to me that I say how appreciative I am that you all have so diligently made your efforts in delving into this realm of hidden knowledge so abundantly accessible. I just took a glimpse into the “Evocation Of Lucifer - Live Ritual” video that you have so generously shared on YouTube, and now I have been thoroughly reconnected with Lucifer, and understand him on a much deeper level. During this ritual, you were outside normal time and space, and I felt like I was there with you. Such a powerful experience it was. I now feel that I have the strength and the light to carry on in my own personal pursuit of knowledge through personal experiences. Also, I have a much more defined understanding of Lucifer will and intent.

I can describe my experience as being wounded on a battlefield… and Lucifer played the role of the veteran warrior. He lifted me up and graced me with his light, and his words. He told me that in order to succeed in my life’s missions, all I needed to do was remember him. Remember that he is always with me. Now, I walk with the light of Lucifer within me, as my light is within him.

I thank you for this experience… and for the key that you helped me find that opened the door to the next chapter of my own personal illumination.

Thank you.