A message from the great Duke Sallos

"I am love. I just believe that love is the path. Do not misundertood love and lust. I use lust but to provoke love.

That said, do not look for me to just lust a foe. Lust is tool, love is power.

If you want love, talk to me. If you want just sex and passion, go for another.

I am love. Love is my area."

Thank you, great Duke Sallos.

Sorry guys, I have to make my point here. English isn’t my first language, and I’m so drowned with Sallos energy right now that maybe I’ll make a lot of typing errors here.

But is important to say: Sallos is my man! His powers are great and like he said, if you look for love, go for him! Some peopke have fear about what demons can do. Let me say what Sallos can do: Sallos can bring love!

Now say it: how you can fear love?

Sallos, thank you for everything. Thank you for channeling trough me and thank you to give me your powers. I feel embedded by your love right now and I know that I already have all that I asked. Thank you for your company. You are great!


He is actually next on my list like sitri came at the right time that you


If love is that you want, go for Sallos for sure. I always get fast responses from him. Did some ritual two days ago and already had responses from him.

Duke Sallos is great!

Ps: do not lust for results by what I said. Talk to him and habe sure for the outcome.


I have a questions:
Does Sallos appear also as a woman? I did invocation last night with his sigil and enn, and have dream about dating a woman.
Also what is weird she wanted to hurry up “that Belial/Beleth (i don’t remember which one exactly unfortunately) will not notice that she meet with me”. If someone can explain what this can mean, because i’m stupid now? :flushed:

Never heard about that, really.

But let me tell you: besides that weirdnesses about your dream, sometimes dreams means less than we thought. Sometimes dreams literally have no means at all.

Maybe that woman represents luxury in your life. Maybe it represents love. Or maybe, literally nothing!

So look for Sallos again and ask him for more clarity. Talk about your dream and ask if was him on that. Talk to him about it. Nothing better than asking directly. Keep that in mind.


Yes, I know. Problem is that i have dreams only after- meditation, or magical/ritual working. And according to my experience with them, they always are connected somehow with magical work.