A meeting

Understand that at this very moment you must agree to disassociate from any presumptions based on anything presented here. Any previously held notions which taint that which I am about to share will sever that which I am facilitating on your behalf. For I have spoken to a friend whom I shall name very shortly and after considering my proposal for a few days responded in such a manor that he will visit a small number of people in the physical plane if they accept my invitation. Though, understand he will appear before you physically.

Having said that, due to the fact that this being has agreed to literally show up physically, not merely through some imaginary complex, you will not see his form the way you would see a physical body nor be able to interact with him physical. For his form is composed of an entirely different lightwave bandwidth. Though, you will readily sense and possibly even hear his presence.

You may also perceive him inner visually but I suggest avoiding that. Some people who look upon him are known to become triggered… also his essential form is very mighty and terrible and may be a shock, possible even damaging to the perceiver. His light is known to literally blind people’s ability to use third eye perception permanently. So it’s better to allow him to pass invisibly. One way you may request to perceive this being is by perceiving his works. When he appears and you will readily sense his aura, for there will be no question what so ever, you may request to hear some music. For he binds the very winds of chaos into harmony and makes cords from the lawless. He is a great composer and intelligent beyond qualification. He often spends millennia in solitude and introspection. He also sometimes acts as a guide for the entire light binding cosmos, piercing the outer darkness with vision and even apprehending new light spectrum.

Understand the this is dangerous alone. For his sounds are also known to cause men to go insane or lose themselves. For his is capable of creating sound which alters brainwave state, harmonic frequencies, microscopic, and even subatomic things. it’s also important to be very minimal with expression and interest. Do not be overly interested in this being if he appears to you. If he senses you are the overly interested type, he will not approach. Though, if you are respectful, quiet, and minimal, he may even awaken sound within your very mind causing you to hear wondrous melodies and complex harmony. Though, I warn you yet again, do not become lost by that which he grants you. For such a thing is easy to do. When the music stops, do not go after it. Even if you only heard it for a moment, do not chase that which flees or you may find yourself standing upon a place which has neither floor, nor ground, nor wall, or ceiling…

If you are creative, artistic, are fed by wondrous harmonies, stand in awe of chaos and the writing of cosmic law then you may possibly meet this being who’s name is - Dia’Bel’Los

Nice intro! May I have an invitation to see him?

Which means…?

@Paulden - The question is not whether you may but whether you remember, my friend. Beings I interact with do their own will. They don’t need permission from me. In fact, I need permission from them before I go and blab this or that otherwise… shrugs

@BB44 - There are three types of fear (arguably): the fear of losing what you love, the fear of your “sins”/mistakes bear before all, and the remotely unfamiliar. Understand that REMOTE unfamiliarity causes an alternate type of fear release by trigger ‘event’. This is due to one being exposed to alternate spectrum, so foreign, the calculator within the mind and even awareness itself becomes confused. Now generally when this occurs, the ‘event’ is immediately forgotten and the alternate spectrum becomes wholly invisible and without sensation upon the mundane. However, sometimes for reasons I am not wholly understanding of, rather than simply unwritting the unfamiliar spectrum, some people can’t let go as it were. This generally causes peak levels of fear release which most of the time results in a traumatic event. So any time one deals with new alternate anything, it’s important to respect one’s own apparatus and the limits of their own perception.

By my prescription, many people who might not have otherwise been able to meet this being, can and so in such a way that part of one’s own awareness my even be awakened as I described. It’s no extraordinary thing for myself to hear grand symphonies and even angelic choirs on rare occasion. To play sounds in my mind and even assign qualities to them is a common practice of mine but that’s multiple other threads. :slight_smile:

Please feel free to ask any questions or talk about some thing which may have resonated as you were reading this. Beings like this whom I described and gave name to are not bound by time as time bound beings are. When I went to ask to see if it was cool if I spoke about him, he already caught a faint glimpse of everyone who would even read this post. Some people who aren’t even aware of their own true prowess and have already met this being. For it is possible to interact with a person’s ‘higher intellect’, among other things but that’s another few threads too! I often get pissed at various gods because of how they skim over entire dynamics or numbers of people at a time. I prefer a more personal experience.

Oh, I should also mention that in my practice, any tool not natural to the naked apparatus is a dampener upon the true prowess. Therefore, those who are purest in intent and truest to themselves acquire the Power and the Knowledge and it’s granted to them freely. Just like meeting a new acquaintance. :wink:


Due to the amount of interest I have received about this very real personal being, I shall divulge further detail. Though, keep in mind that it’s my express way to avoid revealing such details that may steal from your own experience. For I desire that you discover the details on your own.

Dia - the number ten, cords, regal authority resonate

Bel - pure, tones, time, empathy resonate

Los - acronymic designator of ‘line of sight’, distant wandering, dynamic explorer resonate

Ahh thanks E sabot. So basically that sounds to me like what happens when people have a bad Salvia trip.

I’m not a big fan of using stuff to generate experiences for me. I prefer to be the author and wield the apparatus by intent. Then I am never dependent upon anything to harness any energy or utilize any technique. As far as whatever else goes… lets just say I hate the term “drugs”.

I don’t remember meeting him. Although I certainly don’t discount the possibility that I have.

I did have a dream a couple weeks back in which I was in a room seated at a table with some spirits who were talking amongst themselves informally. I dont remember the nature of what was being discussed, I was more an observer, but at the end of the meeting as the spirits started to get up from their seats I addressed the group of them and asked, “why don’t you [as in all spirits in general] show yourselves to us [meaning humans in general]” to which one of them replied to me warmly saying, “[because of] politics” and then they all departed and the dream ended. The way he said it gave me the impression he (or they as a whole) wanted to openly disclose their existence to mankind but were prevented by/for political reasons as I tend to believe they are governed within their own realm as we the masses are in our own.

Just something I wanted to share with you guys, given that this thread topic has to do with a spirit revealing himself and being perceived. :slight_smile:

@Paulden There’s this tech you might try. Imagine stepping into an elevator and descending four floors. When the elevator door opens at the fourth floor, another door is revealed. What does that door look like?

sigh yea… the politics.