A male elixir of life

There’s life energy in sperm, right? Can a man syphon that energy from his own sperm?

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Yes. Taoists use the energy of the sexual system and circulate it within the body to retain youth, vitality and long life.


Just not releasing will give you so much more life force but I think that to optimize it fully you’d have to look into recirculating it or else the energy kind of stagnates but still way better than wasting it

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I was told or read somewhere that there used to be places in Times Square, New York; before they cleaned it up, where you could get sucked off and if you paid extra the woman would swallow. I reckon these sex workers would have been the ones to ask. Given their line of work they’d have been mass consumers of male elixir (and hard drugs).


Not really, you’re referring to only one branch, which Mantak Chia gets his inspiration from, not all sects practice this. The Jing, Qi, and Shen are indeed worked with. But you seem to mistake Jing for Jing Zi, Jing can include semen, but in many practices this has fallen away, which is why emphasis is placed on standing meditation, since it’s been scientifically proven to increase red blood cells after a certain duration of standing, also increases circulation of blood. Jing Zi is semen, however, as stated this isn’t very popular in Taoism due to the complications that can arise.

Mantak Chia’s works for example have fucked up many people’s lives because he skips steps in his books, it’s not that you need a master as most would say, but he skips from 10 - 50 many times, and this is why he’s gone on to suggest avoiding some of his sexual practices.

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Also to add on the Caveat Emptor regarding Mantak Chia the microcosm orbit for women are supposed to flow in the opposite direction for female practitioners but the illustrations in his books for the microcosmic orbit shows female energy flowing the same direction as men’s microcosmic orbit.

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About this issue, I provide a medical report that was provided to us at a Congress of Forensic Psychology, it is a copy of what I transmit:
For modern western medicine, male masturbation is a healthy activity that helps release tension. While it is true that masturbation can release tension, especially in a person who has obsessive sexual thoughts or who is a victim of sexual repression, there is an incontrovertible fact that Western medicine does not take into account: when ejaculating man experiences a feeling of fatigue, a loss of vitality and even a small depression (orgasm is also called petite mort because of this). This is something that all men live to a greater or lesser extent. This is not the fatigue that occurs after exercising because, if during a sexual act or a masturbation process there is no ejaculation, the fatigue is not experienced. Proof of the effects of ejaculation is that after ejaculating the man usually takes a few minutes to have another erection (in the semen different substances are discharged, a potent chemical cocktail, including the hormone prolactin). Any man who has had a marathon sex or masturbation session, repeatedly in succession, knows that ejaculating drains the energy of the body, but for Western medicine such a notion of “energy” is non-existent, since it cannot be measured under his devices .

In contrast to Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine places an important emphasis on not ejaculating and considers that frequent ejaculation is the loss of the vital essence or jing that nourishes the blood, bones, brain, etc. Regular ejaculation is a cause of premature aging, bone problems, mental fog and many other symptoms. The jing is divided into prenatal jing or celestial yuan jing, which does not regenerate, and the postnatal jing. Chinese medicine, based on Taoist philosophy, warns that ejaculating with some frequency makes it necessary to use the prenatal vital essence reserve, which is no longer regenerated, which would be losing our original essence, which becomes the vital energy that we use every day for basic things but also for the most sublime things in existence. Thus, a person who has ejaculated a lot may be bordering on a life of perennial fatigue, literally without the divine spark of creativity and fulfillment. (The above does not apply in the case of women, who in Taoism are encouraged to have orgasms and are even said to benefit from absorbing parts of the male semen. In the case of women, there is a loss of energy when your period is abundant, so there are techniques to reduce it).

It should be mentioned that the fact that ejaculation is limited does not mean that pleasure or orgasm is limited. Ejaculation has been confused with orgasm as if they were the same thing, but there are widespread techniques of Taoist internal alchemy not to ejaculate and today, in turn, there are many others not linked to sexual alchemy but only to sexology and the obsession with sexual performance.

In the search for immortality that characterizes the practitioners of Taoist internal alchemy, nei dan, semen or jing is recirculated, rising back to the brain where it is transmuted and produces an elixir that spills throughout the body, infusing it with vitality. It is said that to create medicine (yao) you need the three treasures, essence, breath and spirit; the essence (the seed, jing) is transmuted into breath or energy (the movement), the qi is then transmuted into spirit (the ruler, shen) and a version of the shen (yishen, One Spirit) is refined to return to the void.

An old text, the Su Nu King, offers three ways to avoid ejaculation:

-The first is the best known and consists simply of removing the penis - the so-called “jade stem” - still erect before ejaculating. (Although this may be unsatisfactory for an orgasmocentric sexuality, in practice it is revealed as a way to achieve more lasting pleasure and well-being).

-The second is to block the area of ​​the perineum (between the scrotum and the anus, the muscle used to stop the urine), in order to retain semen and even reabsorb it. When reabsorbing it becomes a kind of elixir.

-The third is to perform an alchemical breathing that recirculates the energy that descends upwards. (This is similar to the so-called “breathing of the celestial orbit” and the instruction of a qualified teacher is necessary).

Our culture superficially maintains that sex is good; without discrimination, it tells us that we should have sex anyway. The reality is that if there is no awareness and intention, most sex is not good.

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This is the final part of the report:

Like all good things, you must cultivate and practice, and for this you must learn to save the seed and refine it.

It should be mentioned that not only Chinese medicine prescribes semen retention and considers it a precious substance. In India there are numerous yogic and tantric practices that postulate semen retention, which is seen as sacred, not as a substance that can be dilapidated without consequences. On the other hand, Santo Tomas de Aquino said that the spirit is included in the semen and that there is a life-giving heat in it. In this he takes from Aristotle, who in his work The generation of animals maintains that a life-giving heat exists in semen, the same as in the Sun; the semen contains a substance analogous to the stars, which give life with the light. To top it off, Dr. Francisco González Crussí comments: “Aulo Celso, a Roman encyclopedist under the mandate of Tiberius, synthesized that ‘semen ejaculation is the act of shedding a part of the soul’”.

End of the report, I send it for evaluation according to the topic that has been generated.

Too much of a pain to quote the specific parts, but hypothetically what would be the theory in that belief if the man didn’t lose vitality or drive, and could ejaculate multiple times without losing an erection? Would they be an exception or prove the whole theory wrong?

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That is a good question, and I’d be interested in the answer as I have a friend, a gay man, who does not suffer a loss of vitality when ejaculating multiple times. In fact, he told me he feels energised afterwards, so I am of the opinion that it is more of a generality than an absolute, and there are many people who it does not apply to. It could also be that it is considered a hetero-normative thing (In my reading of Taoist literature, most of it takes the religious stance that homosexuality is wrong) and therefor does not apply to homosexual men.


How does this topic interface with the idea of enforced male chastity, as in wearing a device to prevent erection and penis-based sexual activity. Obviously, this would result in more sperm being retained by the body as it’s literally not expelled as often or at all (depending on how you’re locked up and by whom).

I’m wondering if the spiritual practices and/or the breathing techniques could be used heighten the spiritual experience of a locked sub and ease the stress of lock up.