A macrocosmic and eternal-like proposing to E.A. Koetting

Excuse me because english is not my first language.

I have been well rewarded by information in this forum. The information i got here saved my family life effectively from metaphysical and evil belicism made by incarnates and un-incarnates.

I have consumated my relationship with my Guardian Angel without fusing myself with him. Ill tell you his name because you may gain antinomian and greater liberation through the cultivation of your lowest chakras, and im talking about the leg chakras all the way above the leg through your patala chakra.


He used to be an enochian angel but through shamanism he achieved ultimate apoteosis in a previous creation.

Call him only if you are ready to make the transition from divine to Potestate.

But this is not the reason im calling Koetting out.

The real reason is i want to defy you to make a new system from scratch, zero, none, to a Potestate-like system of spiritual cultivation.

Call the nordic Gods, call your nordic ancestors and call all John Chang spirit lineage to create an hybrid system of Runic Nei Kung.

I think i said everything i got to say. Ill probably wont write anymore until the next year unless Koetting answers to this Post. This is my last request. Everything from now on you can expect me to answer questions and help new people through occultism (This is the term i chose for a facet of spirituality).