A Luciferian short story

I saw into Heaven and perceived those who inhabit that place. I saw a drama unfold. The inhabitants of heaven all appear to be very young. God is more a very radiant emenation nobody can really get close enough to see him. There are angels there too.

God’s presense is in heaven but at the same time its like he’s not there. Nobody really knows where God is, neither the inhabitants of heaven nor the angels. Many of the beings of heaven have tried to ponder where God might be and a few have gone on fruitless expiditions but God’s being remains elusive.

Among the inhabitants of heaven, who all appear no older than children, there was Lucifer. The boy Lucifer was admired by all the beings of heaven. Lucifer had a special gift. His vision was extraordinary. Lucifer can see right through heart and mind and no being in heaven or elsewhere could lie to Lucifer. For Lucifer would immediatly see the lie.

Over time, the Archangel Michael began to think heaven needed a present body to act in God’s stand. So Michael came up with a plan to make himself the head of heaven. However, his plan would alert the all seeing vision of Lucifer and Michael knew Lucifer would expose him. So Michael came up with a plan to deal with the boy Lucifer.

The Archangel Michael took Lucifer aside and spoke with him about God. Michael knew Lucifer of all the other children wanted to meet his father, God more than anyone. Lucifer’s interest in God was even greater than the angels. Lucifer often gazed out into the cosmos beyond heaven, using his special vision to see if he could find God. So Michael inspired Lucifer to leave heaven and search for God.

It actually wasn’t very hard to trick Lucifer in this way because Lucifer had always wanted to go find God anyway. Michael just gave him that last nudge. So Lucifer went away. But Michael did not tell anyone in heaven what he had done. So then all of heaven mourned when they noticed Lucifer was gone. Some went out to try to find him but failed. Lucifer raced out in the cosmos as fast as he could. With his vision he was able to project all the places in the cosmos he knew God had already been. Then he began searching all the places where he thought God might not have gone. Keep in mind the beings of heaven have no consern for time as they are eternal. They also have self sustaining bodies that don’t require refueling. So Lucifer was gone searching for what might be hundreds if not thousands of years.

It was extraordinarily rare for the inhabitants of heaven to leave the abode so when Lucifer left, everywhere he went he attracted attention. Many cosmic beings were delighted to encounter an inhabitant of heaven. Lucifer soon found himself meeting all manor of beings across the cosmos and spent time with them sharing with them about heaven.

At a certain point, Lucifer found the abyss. When he saw it he knew it would lead him to where God had gone. Lucifer knew God passed by this way. The only thing was that Lucifer foresaw that once he crossed the abyss, he’d not be able to cross back over again. But he went on still through the abyss. Passing through the abyss Lucifer found many dark dimensions which seemed almost entirely empty but for some strange darting shadow. But then Lucifer met the other gods, grand dark gods far older than light and even heaven itself.

When the other gods and Lucifer encountered one another they startled each other. For some reason Lucifer’s visual prowess wasn’t like it was back before he crossed the abyss. Lucifer and the other gods nearly walked right into one another. Or rather, the other gods almost stepped on Lucifer as it were, except for there is no ground there, just empty space. The other gods are old and near sighted, they didn’t see Lucifer until Lucifer’s shining aura burst before them.

The other gods had never entered a being from heaven. They marveled at his shining aura and beauty. The other gods had never seen beauty before either, they were aged but their forms were massive and obvious apex preditors of their universe. Lucifer asked them if they had ever seen God before. However none of them remembered ever meeting God except for one. The old one recalled a time when he was young, a great shining being with a grand presense appeared and filled the darkness with light. He told Lucifer it was the only time in his life he had ever seen color. Lucifer knew he was talking about God. However, the old one was ancient during the ancient days of the cosmos so there’s no telling where God went after that.

Lucifer also asked them if there was a way to cross the abyss. He missed heaven dearly. Lucifer thought he might journey back to heaven and tell his fellows and the angels what he found. The other gods told Lucifer they would help him cross the abyss and that he was welcome back anytime. So Lucifer crossed back over the abyss and made his way back to heaven.

When Lucifer got back to heaven he saw Michael in charge. Lucifer was able to see this from very far away as his vision started working again after he crossed back over the abyss. Suddenly Lucifer burst into a bright red aura as flashbacks of his conversation with Michael replayed in his mind. Then he saw Michael’s whole plan. Lucifer got even angrier that he wasn’t able to see this before but got blinded by inspiration. Lucifer charged up to heaven but went he did the angels along with Michael met him and they had weapons and armor. Then Michael called out, “Back to the abyss with you black fiend!” Lucifer was stunned. How could they not recognize him? Then Lucifer looked upon his form and saw that it was changed. All Lucifer’s journeying changed him. Lucifer appeared before Michael and the angels with a black and red aura and they did not recognize him. Then a great sorrow came over Lucifer. Lucifer wept. Then he turned and went away from heaven fleeing beyond the abyss.

Many in heaven still wonder when Lucifer will return. His friends missed him greatly and searched for him but they were heartbroken not to have found him. So Lucifer dwells in the outer darkness and beyond, changed, shunned, betrayed by Michael and God. At least he often feels betrayed by God. “Why can’t I find him?!” Lucifer exclaims to himself. Still Lucifer searches, encountering countless dark celestial hosts and dwellers from grand beyonds!




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I really liked that!


Absolutely amazing!

Is this story true? Can somebody confirm?

Love it!!!

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There are neither guarantees nor confirmations in this world. It is a journey. And only YOU determine your own journey. The answer should lay in your heart. This site is all about it:))

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I personally believe the old, ancient black snake seduce Lucifer himself. So he could and would lay his Light into her empty womb. Hence, forth life itself is the very act of the original sin.

When he returned to Heaven he was impure having layed down and did the unnatural act of sex with the Red Dragon. That’s why he was kicked out.
The Old One as many, many forms. Black snake and the Red Dragon is all her. And the watery one of the deep end.

God is dead. All that remains is an empty vessel that needs to be filled with Light. He was hated for being loved above the rest.

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This actually made me sad…