A Love Spell That Inflames Lust in Anyone

I’m currently working the following magick but I have a few questions.
(Sex Magick | A Magickal Way To Inflame Sexual Desire In Someone)

  1. How often should I repeat this ritual before I see results?
  2. Must I use a fresh red candle each time I do it or can I keep using the burnt one?
  3. I’ve never done it before but should I somehow summon a spirit to help this work?
  4. I read in this forum that Lust and Desire are not the same thing and it’s OK to keep the desire. But this ritual says to place my desire in the flame along with emotion, Lust, longing, etc. So, which is it?
  5. The above ritual seems to be a very simple, watered-down version of the one in E. A Koetting’s book, “Become a Living God” pp. 112-115. Should I be using the one in the book or does it really matter much?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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the same thing i want to know i think we will wait for answers

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