A Love Curse? Oh yes, That will do :)

I’m currently looking for a different… interesting… kind of spell.
Not necessarily a spell that can break up two specific individuals, but more of a hex that can prevent the intended person from ever being happy with anyone else. It is of my will that this person shall grow detest and contest with everyone that falls into favor of him. This is a very large spell though my demoness loves contest, so I do believe it can be done. I have my DUME ingredients ready. To be very honest with you this person has used me, lead me on, lied to me, etc… so I will not be surprised if it ends up with me just casting Death upon him although he MUST feel what he has put upon others, especially those that loved him most, yet he still bewitched. He will learn. Its a promise I made to myself that he will learn no matter what I must do :)) Any tips?
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If you have a demoness, ask her.

When I try she does not use words, and I’m still building up with her so we have small interactions but I usually just invoke her and give offerings and meditate with her, but I have not Evoked her yet because Im still preparing to do it right yk?

From the thread title I had thought it was going to be about a curse to make someone fall in love. Its a concept I have actually pondered. It could be quite handy strategically, ie for triggering break ups by tempting one party to leave

Isn’t a curse to make someone fall in love just a love spell?

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Yes, I suppose it would be. But in context it would be for the purposes of destruction

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I did a variation of Connors sour jar with abaddon and asmodeus and it was very effective… you could change the wording of your petition to be specific to your case

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I was thinking about doing a similar type of spell on someone who did more or less the same things to me.

My thought was working with djinns (they are my favourite type of spirits to work with).

So the idea was to ask the spirits to give him a really bad Body Odour when he was next to a woman other than me. Such a bad smell that the women would push him away and not even want to kiss him.

I guessed that would had been quite a fun subject for the djinn to do as it is also a type of prank they would enjoy. Djinn like to prank people.

When people tend to have digestive issues or thyroid issues they tend to eminate a bad smell. This is also another idea on what chakras to attack to cause this.

I havent put my idea into use… but i am sure if the djinn would manifest my desire it will also lower his self esteem.

Also a spell like this is hard to detect. It wont even cross his mind that he is cursed.

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