A lot of bad concidences all at the same time NEED HELP (LONG)

So I’m starting to think I pissed a spirit off unintentionally or I’ve just been cursed.

I mean this whole truck getting fixed thing has been a complete disaster and my hours have been cut at work, I’m getting daciplinary action for missing days when I made it clear to my ride that even though I was getting an inspection( really just didn’t get any sleep and was angry because someone else in the house kept me up all night and didn’t GAF) that I still wouldn’t have my truck ready and needed a ride the next day.

He never came and picked me up. So I’m already in deep shit for a truck I took days off to get on the road and have nothing to show for it.

Oh and the Friend of the family that Does transmission work has pretty much stolen my truck. I’m about to file a police report. I haven’t spoken to him on the phone since Thursday he said he’d give me a call Friday so I give him a few days when not hearing from him and call him Monday and nothing.

Ok so I go by the shop but the lot is always locked because of the neighborhood. People are in there working but there’s no way to go in and talk to anyone. I got a text the next morning ( yesterday) saying it’d be worked on that day and done but never heard anything and still can’t get ahold of the guy.

It was a small job that should take 2-3 hours max and that’s if I wouldve done it so for them it’s like an hour.

So yea idk , truck could be in pieces and on other trucks.

So yea idk why my life would just take a big hit like that. I mean I was gonna put KPs sigil on my truck as payment for helping manipulate someone into helping me but after awhile they got lazy and it took a lot of coercing to get them to do anything. The truck never got finished so I found a hookup who was willing to finish it. I figured since it wasn’t running that I’d just wait and I got the feeling KP was fine with that. The point was everyone would see his brand and if the truck just sits well no one really sees it.

Anyway I’ll probably seek console from him tonight and see what’s going on because he’s someone I trust I’m really starting to get down and starting to feel like my life will never get better because it hasn’t since the 2 years ive been out the military. Haven’t gotten on my feet again yet.

So yeah should I just accept things are shitty and will only get shittier ? Do you think I could’ve been cursed ? Maybe I pissed a spirit off unintentionally?

Idk. Really about to just give up on life. Won’t ever have a car, won’t ever make anymore than 13$ hr, wont ever move out my dads roach and be bug infested house to my goal location. That’s how I feel.

Maybe my magic is just bad and all these shitty things are a result from trying to get my truck fixed ? Maybe it’s not for me ?

I don’t think King Paimon would like you low key holding him responsible. Maybe your return sacrifice was unacceptable? You get what you give.
Manifestation is self-revolving, meaning also you get what you reflect.
Get a bus to a city with a good homeless shelter like Colorado Springs. Start over fresh. Cut your losses. Utilize the discipline the military gave you.
If you like down with dogs, you get fleas. Sounds like your family and friend set are the dogs.

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So i dunno who or what you think you may have pissed off. But look into uncrossing rituals. There is a fair bit here and more than a few in various places.

I’m not holding him responsible. I always over think stuff and make sure I don’t offend spirits. I’m kinda paranoid about it.

Bad shit just happens to me but it’s more than just coincidence.

You’re speaking it into existence! “Bad things happen to me,” just echoed into the universe, and it heard you and said, “oh, I was wondering. Thanks for solidly clarifying that for me. I’m on it man! Your wish is my command!”

Universe gives no fucks about anything but the details you give it.

Take my advice and change your constant self-depricating mantra. “Yo, Universe, I was just kidding man. I’m actually hella successful and everything goes my way on the daily! Everyone wants to hire me, my vehicle works!”

Daily. And truly feel it and believe it or Universe isn’t going to feel it or believe it.

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I’m very sorry you feel this way. Being overwhelmed in life is a horrible feeling. I mean this in the nicest way possible, A lot of your posts are very negative themed and as some others pointed out, you get what you give. Your negative thought patterns are drawing negativity to you like a magnet. You’ve got to just say fuck it and start anew. Unless you build your self confidence even if you start a new life somewhere else it won’t matter if your negative thought processes are still there. All of us have periods in life where shit goes bad. You just suck it up and move forward, life is not fair. Focus on meditations and building your inner self. Protect yourself with a magickal method you believe in. I truly wish you luck.