A long story and perhaps even a weird one


So I have recently come into contact with The Occult and specifically with E.A. Koetting and it has created the desire to share my story, where I am currently at but also where I want to go and what I want to achieve. So here it goes:

So where am I at now? I currently stand on a crossroad, in one direction I have absolute freedom and a way to become a very powerful (self empowered?) being and in the other I have the confusion and intellectual rot that is Christianity. Now as you can quite clearly hear I have a certain dislike for Christianity, having an IQ of 148 I simply can not accept certain “facts” in the bible and I most certainly can not accept the immorality of the Bible. Yet I find myself going to church every Sunday out of respect for my mother because I am currently residing there. I have expiremented in the past with spirituality, mediumship, tarot and witchcraft but never commited to it because I didn’t feel that it could bring me what I want. And the same holds true for Black Magick, I am doubtful in my commitment because I don’t know what it can bring me what I want, if it can bring me what I want, what I am basically saying is that I am not sure and that I am first looking for proof rather then believe it’s true.

Now unto where I want to go and what I want, for a long time I have been very interested in Telekinetics, effecting the weather and yes even reality with ones mind or Magick. I also have some interest for Necromancy namely what it is and how it works and what it can do. So what do I want? I want to be able to control my reality with my mind and magick, I want to be able to hurdle objects, things and people through the air with a single thought if I’d so desired. I’d like to know how to inflict immense pain and discomfort, yes destroy the lives of those who I call my enemies and very different from my other desires I want to know how I build a very financially secure and stable future and present for myself so I can help people in need, namely orphans who I feel are all alone in the world and can use some aid and last but not least I want to know what it is to be and become a God, I want to Ascent to greatness!

I know long story, thank you in advance for those who have read it wholely and I am looking forward to your answers.

Edit After watching some more videos by E.A. Koetting that somehow found there way to me (yeah no coincedence there) I have to correct myself in that I can want all this power and crushing my enemies and all of that but I have come to realize that is not who I am nor want to become and neither does it serve so I have decided to drop that. I do still want to learn telekinesis because hey lets be honest it’s incredibly cool and fun to do!

Hello, my story has some similarities with yours as I’m a former Christian. Since birth I have faced tragedies such as death curses casted at me, demons attacking me, Entities attaching to me etc. I have realized that praying and following catholic rules absolutely didn’t fix any of these problems…so I’ve had to try and find a solution elsewhere. I prayed Jesus over and over and it is Jesus who has led me to the occult, including shamanism. I still go to church because of my relationship with Jesus who has been my spiritual guide.