A long journey

In finding Kek I found only what was already there and the only thing that changed was my perception. The goddess is still the same but under a different mask. The void chaos is not like the desert troll for she has no jealousy because your pleasure is her pleasure and your pain is her pain. She wants wat is best for you and what is best for you is to focus on yourself and gaining your own personal power. Her evolution is your evolution ibecause you are her in the flesh. She cares not for your worship because that is egotistical instead she cares for your love of yourself because when you love yourself you have no desire to make others feel less to raise yourself. She wants you to seek out power and strength so as to have success because your success is her joy. Unlike the desert troll who wants you to suffer and be subservient she wants you to have the pleasure of freedom.
Her major concern is your evolution and as myself I have found that in the acquisition of new powers and abilities to impose my will upon reality have found that the more power I gain the more benign I become the more I want to teach others to reach the heights I have achieved. Because when one reaches these levels of understanding one no longer has fear. And it is that fear that drives us to harm each other instead of reach our potential. It’s as if our entire society has decides that it is better and easier to just bring each other down rather than strengthen ourselves to new heights.
As most RHP is about dedication to some deity the goddess mother the dragon Kek the void chaos is about self empowerment and not interested in worship. Because as you see the true her you can’t help but feel absolute love and adoration for the mother that wants you to be all that you can be and more.
Where as the desert troll wants you to worship him she wants you to prostrate yourself to no one not even her. And then raise above, she wants you to love your children more than her or yourself and be greater with every test. As such she knows that in giving you true freedom she makes us all better people. Who can choose to do right because we know what is right and have the strength and determination to do so of our own free will and not under the threat of eternal damnation but because we are better than simple beings we are better and stronger than the weak minded who must be coerced by fear simply to make life tolerable for everyone.
Which of course we have all found to be greatly ineffective and contradictory to a healthy and happy existence. Instead she says govern yourself and be true to your own heart and not the influence of the herd mentality. Although such dedications may seem RHP they are not for the truth of the goddess is that she loves those that are out to strengthen the world and make it a better place for all by the process of helping the individual to evolve and become of greater wisdom and understanding and in so the greater the power one has the more the responsibility is willingly taken by the powerful. The challenge is accepted instead of rejected under the assumption of us being powerless and dependant on the desert troll.
As we evolve we take pride in our self governance and do so not because we are told or ordered to follow the commandments but because we are wise and understand human nature and make a conscious choice to better our world for all. And the fact that these benefits will benefit us each individually is simply a side note.
She says do no intentional harm to those that do not deserve it but be ruthless to those that have wronged you or others. You don’t have to be a doormat but for your own sake take no shit from the scum. Be gracious yet self preserving. This world can’t afford to lose more good people because the desert troll tells you weakness is kindness.

What god would tell a mother to kill her own son because he was the Antichrist? The desert troll that’s who. My own mother was to drown me int the bathtub because the desert troll told her to? . A god that would tell my own mother to kill me is no god of mine. Especially if said god had to get my mother to do it and couldn’t do it himself. But thankfully maternal instinct took over and wouldn’t allow her to go through with it, that and several family members telling her she was crazy for thinking such a things. Although I have has several assassination attempts I am still here and that in itself is a testament to the truth of reality. Those that can’t think for themselves will always try to destroy those that can no matter the age or relationship to the assassin. Those that can think for themselves are dangerous to the status quo because we have a tendency to make others think for themselves.

Great to see you back, Adam.

I see you calling Kek female, a dragon, and “void chaos”, which to me sounds like it could be synonymous with “primordial chaos”. This makes me think of Tiamat.

What do you feel about this possible correlation?

Tiamat is exactly who he is referring to I think.

Tiamat, Nun & Naunet, and the female Ogdoad shown as snakes are all possibly kind of linked here.

Yes I have found that it is all part of the same current. And thanks it’s good to be back. I’m just now reading what I had written. I was sort of channeling so I didn’t actually have coherency when writing this but it looks accurate. :wink: Cheers!