A little separation ritual in Arab magic

A Wednesday third hour of saturn or twelfth hour of March day or night hour or a Saturday third hour of March and eighth hour of saturn.
Go out and go in front of a tree and write on a small branch the name بدوح ( baduĥ) seven times, once it done cut off the branch saying: I cut off the heart of N son of N (mother name) for the love he has for N daughter of N (mother name).
Then go to an abandoned grave that nobody visits,buried the tree branch and said:
That the love of N son of N (mother name) dies. for the love he has for N daughter of N (mother name) as the person at this grave died.

second recipe:

One Saturday after midnight, go out and take two stones, name the first stone by saying: this one is for N son of N (mother name) and take the second stone by saying: this one is for N daughter of N (mother name).
Take it in your home an take a bowl, put some cade oil in it and add the stones in and leave them in until Saturday morning, go out and recite this: I want the heart of N son of N (mother name) to separate, as I separate these two stones and i want him to see his love for N daughter of N (mother name) blacken in his heart.(three times) and throw the first stone and then the second very, very far away.


third recipe: always the same days and planetary hour. If you want to separate two people, take their pictures, put the pictures face to face and pierced them with 13 needles and bury them in a dirty place with lots of detritus.
These recipes can be for good reason like keeping a toxic person away from a person, whether in a friendship, in a couple or when your spouse is cheating on you with someone.
If you do it for the wrong reason, although it is a small spell and it works for you. You can expect counter-shocks.


I really like these. Simple on paper, but potent.

I always love when someone posts things from other cultures. Always shows me how alike we all are no matter where on the globe :slight_smile:

Yes, they look simple. It is a bit like the magic rituals of the Maghrebian countryside, we are always told that our intention must be strong without ever doubting! to get a 100% result that we must be physically and spiritually clean especially for positive recipes. that it is necessary to repeat the spell 3 or 7 times or for 3 or 7 days for it to work better. and the appropriate day and time and the mother’s first name is very important or if we do not know it we replace it with Eve’s daughter or son. There are a lot of recipes and they differ a lot from one person to another. Of course there are some more dangerous ones, but they cause too much damage and are very difficult or even impossible to remove even for a wizard. In, the Arab/Muslim tradition the separation spells are the most feared and dangerous and difficult to undo.


Yes, there is very little difference, I recognize many things from other traditions as using the dirt of a mosque, using the dirt of red ants’ nests for love and black ants for separation etc…

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Very interesting. Even though it is clearly different, it does have some of the same underlying tones and styles that my grandmother taught me while she was alive (more of mixture of Irish folk practices mixed with a little Catholicism). With a strong intent and focus, even the simplest spells can bring a lot of power and change to the table. I love it

Wonderful work @Mystic_Z

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Can I use something else instead of the cade oil?

Nope sorry

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