A little help here

Hello BALG family, I am currently working with Lilith and recently I evoked her I have written my experience in my journal here

So, my question is that In the last evocation she asked me to ignite my inner Black flame, how should I really do that?

Also she said that You are me and I am you, Lucifer you are and Lucifer is you What did she really meant by that?

Please if anyone can provide me with an answer, it would be really helpful. :sparkles::slight_smile:

Use the search function for this. There have been some recent threads about it.

I would take this as something personal to uncover, that may be specific to your relationship with the two of them. Just my opinion.

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Thankfully I finally found the meaning of it in this book I just bought named Lilith: Dark feminine Archetype by Asenath Mason. There is a ritual called four temples which also ignites your inner black flame. I think she led me here.

And now for the second one, I think after hearing your words that maybe this is a test for me to look within and find out what that means. Thankyou so much. :sparkles:

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No worries, man. I hope you find what you seek.

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