A List of Practical Ways to Attain Physical Immortality and Save Our Lives in This Life

I hope that by uniting our arts in this we can survive with all your help brothers and sisters. I will provide some ways that I have found already. You are all most welcome and I kindly request you to share yours as well. To start something easily doable for all:

Here we have the diagram from Yogini Magic by Gregory Peters And as you can see Chakra Diagram
(by Kat Lunoe)

Location Appearance Seed

1 Crown of head Opalescent Crystal KSA
2 Mid-forehead Pure Flame LA
3 Mid-eyebrow (third eye) Diamond HA
4 Inside top of palate Pink SA
5 Throat Smoke SHA
6 Cardiac plexus (chest) Liquid Gold SSA
7 Navel White Full Moon VA
8 Genitals Reddish Gold HLA

From the same book"1. The first chakra is described as a lotus of eight petals, with an
effulgence of pure opalescent crystal with flames shooting upwards. It has
the qualities of non-duality. The power of being one with the Yoginis and
achieving the eight siddhis; to know the past, present and future and to be
free of the constraints of time; the ability to hear from a distance, to
paralyze, seize and subjugate; to make one a conqueror of death and have
the power of vaca siddhi—whatever one says comes to pass.
2. The second chakra is an eight-petalled lotus as bright as a beautiful
flame. Ability to attract everyone, to subjugate, and take possession of
another’s will. Ability to assume manifold forms. Ability to do whatever
one desires (Svecchacara).
3. The third chakra is an eight-petalled lotus of diamond-like radiance. It
grants the ability to enter into others’ bodies, knowledge of the past and the
future, and the ability to obtain what one desires. Other powers include
being ageless, the ability to destroy all wrinkles and grey hair, see from a
distance, pierce an object from a distance, and direct thoughts to one point.
4. The fourth chakra is also called the santicakra (chakra of peace). A
pink-colored lotus of eight petals, it bestows happiness and any pleasures,
enjoyment and liberation. Grants eloquence. Gives the ability to conquer
disease. Also, the power to paralyze with a gesture, and to obtain the
knowledge of languages that have been earlier heard or unheard.
5. The fifth chakra is described as a great lotus with eight petals with a
smoky color. It gives the ability to control the wind with a word, to shake
the three worlds,3 to stall armies, and to silence anyone.
6. The sixth chakra is also called the King of Chakras, a lotus of eight
petals bright as melted gold. It gives the power of Iccha Siddhi, bestowing
whatever one desires. Perfect harmony between life and the laws of nature,
material gains, fulfillment of desires, and spiritual illumination.
7. The seventh chakra is an eight-petalled lotus “as beautiful and
auspicious as the Full Moon.” It enables one to destroy old age and death,
and to enter into other bodies. Freedom from bondage of birth and death,
and the achievement of transcendental meditation.
8. The eighth chakra is an eight-petalled lotus of reddish-gold flame. It
grants the fulfillment of one’s own desires (icchasiddhi), power to conquer
death (marana), material prosperity, and uprooting death. Additionally, the
eighth chakra gives the power to paralyze, and to create delusion. One
becomes a favorite of the kula (family of practitioners), and master of all
the siddhis.:"
Serpentine Circulation of the Light
For activating the chakras and circulating their energy, starting from the
first chakra (at the top of the head), see a beautiful, lustrous flame that
moves downward, serpent-like, through each of the chakras eight times, to
complete a total of sixty-four circulations. In the Kaulajnananirnaya it is
said that this practice will make you the Lord of Breath and unite with the
Devi herself.
During this circulation, reciting the vidya of the Sahaja Mothers will
increase the flow of energy:
hrim a hrim im
hrim hrim um hrim
hrim r hrim hrim
l hrim hrim aim
hrim hrim o hrim hrim
hrim hrim ah hrim
hrim ksah hrim lah
hrim hah hrim sah
hrim pah hrim sah
hrim va hrim ra
hrim kl
After activating and circulating their energy, the chakras can all be
changed to specific color spectrums. Visualize the aura around your body
flooding with brilliant color:
Red: For works of subjugation and sorcery.
Yellow: Cause paralysis, stop negative speech/lies, victory in legal
Black: To cause death or sickness.
Smoke-Coloured: Overthrow enemies, victory in battle.
White (like cow’s milk): Conquer death, rejuvenation, youthfulness and
Pure Crystalline White: Self-Realization, spiritual illumination,
realization of non-dual consciousness, union with the Yoginis.
As a daily practice, activate the Serpentine Circulation of the chakras.
Bathing in the pure crystalline white light, meditating in this flood of liquid
brilliance for 20 or more minutes twice a day (morning and evening) will
quickly open consciousness to attune to the Yoginis.
Ascending Energy (“The Serpent’s Kiss”)
Another way to work with the chakras is from the bottom (Chakra 8) to
the top (Chakra 1). This has the effect of quickly stimulating the energy of
the body and invigorating the senses.
Seated in your meditation posture, move the concentration to the genitals.
See the eight-petalled lotus of reddish-gold light open up with a single
vibration of the bija mantra HSA.
Move awareness to the navel, seeing an eight-petalled lotus as bright as
the Full Moon, and vibrate VA.
Coming up to the heart and the center of the chest, feel the warmth of the
liquid golden sunlight with SSA.
Move up to the throat, see an eight-petalled lotus of smoky consistency.
Vibrate SHA.
As awareness moves to the upper palate (inside the mouth), an eightpetalled
lotus of pink radiance opens up with SA.
Bringing attention to the middle of the eyebrows, an eight-petalled lotus
of diamond like brilliance opens up with HA.
Moving attention to the middle of the forehead, an eight-petalled lotus of
pure flame opens up as you intone LA.
Finally, moving up to the very crown of the head, an opalescent,
crystalline lotus of eight petals unfolds as you vibrate KSA".

Since most of these chakras deal with immortality and eternal youth had to include this here. I like this because it is easy for all to say the mantras at least.