A life span for spells?

About one month ago I gave an offering of incense to the local spirits of my land. I asked them to bring a girl into my store to whom I was attracted and with whom I had a lot in common. That day a girl came in that fit that description. I gave her my number, and a couple days later we were hiking together.

For the following three weeks she and I were hanging out regularly. She would make me dinner and such, have bonfires in my back yard etc. A week into it I got her shirt off but that was about it. Soon thereafter she said that we were going to fast and that we should just back off a bit and be friends for a while as we got to know each other. She still showed a romantic interest and verbalized it to by telling me that she liked me, thought I was sexy and a great kisser, etc.

We would have great discussions about many topics. She believed in magick and meditated regularly. So I felt comfortable broaching the subject about the occult and demons and such. She said that did freak her out a bit, but did not want to talk about whether that would be a deal breaker for her to pursue me romantically.

At the same time, she was going through a lot of problems with her family. Her brother’s gay lover beat him up. The brother called her while it was going on and she advised him to call the police. He did and now the lover is being charged with a felony. She is concerned with retaliation as well as the fact that this guy’s life is basically ruined because of this felony, and she does not think this guy deserves it. She does like the guy as a person and says he is not a bad guy.

Also, she suffers with anxiety and depression. She said that as recently as a couple weeks ago she thought about suicide. She is on low dose Prozac.

Anyhow, a few days ago (Friday), she met me on my lunch break. After returning a book I loaned her, she said, “I have decided I no longer want to pursue this friendship.” I said, “Uh. Ok. That’s too bad.” She then said something like, “I just want to go inside my cocoon and be alone and I don’t have room for you in my life.” I said OK.

Later on I texted her and said that I suspected that there was something deeper and that it may have something to do with my interest in magick or in something about me as a person. I asked her if she would be willing to tell me. She responded by saying, “OK. Maybe” So I texted back, “Can we talk tonight?” She said, “I don’t really have anything else to say.” I said, “I just thought you might be willing to share the broader scope of why.” She then said, “I feel like I need to be alone now to deal with the shit I am going through because if you’re around I will lean on you too much.” 99% of the time, girls will give lines like this because they don’t want to hurt a guy’s feelings. But her abruptness coldness seems to tell me that she is not too concerned with that, so maybe she is telling the truth?

So I have a twofold question: 1) Would someone be willing to do a free reading on this situation? 2) My white witch friend says that maybe the spirits took her back because they did not think my offering was sufficient. Any thoughts on whether or not summoning rituals like I did have a life span that expires and then you lose what you obtained?

I’m about to go to bed so I’ll keep it short, all spells, rituals, thoughtforms, offerings, and blessings need to be done often to keep the juices flowing.

They did exactly what you asked for. Now, if you’d asked for them to create a relationship between you and the girl, that’d be a different story. As it stands, I don’t think the spirits took her back or anything, I just think that they brought her into your life, you tried to start something up, and it didn’t end up working out with her. And so what? There’s plenty of fish in the sea; IMO I’d move on & focus time and energy on attracting someone else.


It honestly sounds tricky. Part of what she is saying sounds like depression. But it could also be something making her cold. It’s hard to say. I could cast some runes in about ten minutes. I just need to remember.


Okay man so here’s your reading. Currently the situation is in the state of inverse Wunjo. You both feel disappointed and unhappy about the way things turned out and how they’re going. She’s unhappy because of the turmoil around her and you’re unhappy that she has treated you this way. In the past position Thurisaz comes up. I see pain in both of your pasts but more so in hers. She’s had a difficult life. In the future, I see Jera. This could signify a reigniting of the relationship but that’s not really what I see. I see you learning from the situation and using it to empower yourself. No matter how it turns out, happiness is coming your way. I always draw a fourth Rune to signify Odhinn and this rune is the rune of advice. Odal came up and instantaneously I saw your ancestors. Working more with them would benefit you. It may also benefit you to ground yourself and meditate in life and the situation.


Thanks FraterMagni. Were you able to get a sense of why she so abruptly called it off? Or was that hidden? Thanks again.

Sounds like her depression is kicking up to me.

But that could just be because I am a sufferer of it as well, so I might be biest.