A Lesson & Test For Us All - My Trial With My Disincarnate Master On Breath

My Disincarnate Master.

I have worked with many Disincarnate Masters over the years, one of them which will remain nameless. One day he appeared to me during one of my daily meditations, he came to me and just appeared out of no where.

I said - “(His name) why have you come”.

He replied with - “You seem frustrated what are you doing Connor ?”.

I replied - “I’m meditating”.

He replied - “Why ?”.

I replied - “Well for many reasons”.

He replied - “I have a meditation for you, if you can do it, I will give you a sought after Sidhi”.

Excited and a little naive, I agreed to this and all he asked of me was simple, “Breathe, Remain Still & All Things Within Must Remain Silent”.
How hard could this be I thought, I closed my eyes and relaxed, focusing on my breath and remaining still and silent. My mind wandered off and I could hear my master, telling me stop and then try again later.

Afterwards I kept asking myself “What’s the point in this again”, all of a sudden the masters voice interrupted “Stop go away and try again another day”.

I did this for a few weeks, eventually I was able to silent the mind completely, yet my breathing was off and the master would intervene “You are breathing haphazardly, stop and try again another day”.
I was getting frustrated, after a week or two I had finally been able to be completely silent and master the rhythm of breath in through the nose and out of the mouth, slowly but he still intervened.

“Your focusing on your breath and you are forcefully making yourself breathe a certain way, stop and try again. Your breath should flow in through the nose and out of the mouth, without trying to do it, just let it flow and happen on its own”.

This was very very difficult, because I was consciously doing it myself, I had to do this until eventually it became automatic, failure after failure, it finally became second nature. I was breath and silence, yet the voice of the master irritated me, he told me.

“You aren’t still” and at this point of months of trying, I was frustrated “i am fucking still, I ain’t even moving”. He made it clear to me that there are slight tremors in myself, throughout my body and I must keep perfectly still. Finally I did this and after about two months, I was breath, silence and stillness.

I had finally achieved this state, I entered into a state of voidness and eventually he told me that I had already obtained a power and learnt a lesson throughout all of this. I’ll tell you now I have summoned gods, angels, demons, the dead, the living, planetary spirits, elementals, you name it.
I have called and roused legions and armies to go into the world and do my bidding.

I have done so many adept arts yet this one simple thing was fucking hard, I know many adepts and even they found this difficult, I want some of you to take this test, meditate and be perfectly silent, still and perfect breath. Do this do not time yourself, just do it and take your time, I’ll give you all a month, once this month is passed and you’ve succeeded I will release unto you all, the wisdom and the lesson/power you’ve gained.




Challenge accepted :wink:


Not exactly an adept currently but I’m still gonna try it.


This is was a lucifer Amaymon teaching for me, i was been taught that by him in my Pathworking, Its not the same with you but theres some connection and the single purpose of the working. Become god.
I do this everyday and the results are powerful, i too encourage everyone to do it.


I’ll add this to my morning meditation ritual.

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yes i see.

I remember,
when i was learning it,
i found it extremely annoying and disturbing to hear my heat beat,
and i knew focusing on it and dropping intentionally into it,
i could stop it,
but i was afraid and uncertain in case i did,
how to re-activate it again.

I also noticed i wouldn’t find a good calmness in meditation when focusing on breath,
but instead assuming the natrual breathing cycle of tiredness,
of being asleep would make it much smoother than any counted or precise rythm given by teachings.

I then had this horrific expieriences over the difference between meditation inwards or outwards.

and i found that by meditating outwards i would actually go outside of the place i was at,
and find myself back at a location between the stars,
but rarely in complete void.

When going inside,
i could find that void of complete stillness and darkness,
mainly when dropping my awareness past the solar plexus into the belly and deeper.

If found meditating myself blow my own body worked best.

By dropping into myself,
down through my body and into the earth below me,
made the best and most reliable results.

By meditating on my belly and into the adverse tree from there,
i found myself to be completely demonic in certain stages,
and suddenly i recieved knowledge and impressions from there,
that revieled other lives of my own to me.

That being said,
i immensly enjoyed having Azathar,
a Serviator created specifically to maintain meditated state within me,
help me through later stages.

My own mind simply couldn’t comprehend some things at that time,
and having a mediator between the normal world and the inner worlds made it much more reliable to tap into meditation.

I still took time to meditate,
but i was able to simply zoom out and be there,
instead of having to actively drop through the layors.

The Dark Voidal stage prooved very potent and useful in various magickal arts from there.

When reading telepathically,
it gave me comfort to be able to pull out of telepathic connection when needed.

It also helped tremendously with creating things and making things occeur.

I built a temple and various magickal tools inside me,
which most of it i didn’t even want to be physically present around me,
since it allowed for work to be completely untouched by other peoples observation.




This was not easy at all. Usually I have a focus point. Without one my mind was all over the place. I could quiet it for a moment but the chatter keeps coming back. This will require much practice.

Thank you for sharing. I will take this challenge

I m trying it, but very hard to keep still

I get a voice saying open ur eyes n try tomorrow

@Utooo for someone just starting with Magick how are you so wise :thinking:. You seem to know more then people that have been practicing since we were children. Please enlighten me on how you reached such greatness so quickly so that I can do the same. :pray:


I’ve been actively trying this. Just this, for a few weeks now. Been meditating a heck of a lot more since the quarantine xD

I get to a certain point, and then I get stuck.

When I get to a level of stillness, to the point where I am inside myself, I can quiet the outside world pretty well. What is getting me is my heart. I can feel it beating, and with each slow beat it resonates throughout my body. I try to relax into it and not be distracted by it, but the more I relax, the louder and more pronounce the pulsations feel. I can feel the blood running through my veins, and on a deeper level than that, just hyper aware of the internal of my body in general.

I was wondering if anyone had any tips on getting past this point?

Is it something that just takes practice and persistence to get past? To just keep on relaxing, and eventually, one day, you will be able to quiet your body as well as the mind?