A lesson Paimon is teaching me about being human

So i feel like i should share this as it relates to a common pitfall in apiritual practice…

So Paimon has expressly forbid me doing any extra curricular spiritual practices, rituals, etc. and has also told me not to study anything for a while…which i found strange…but ok at this point im pretty much convinced this is real so lets go with it… turns out i just realized i have used spirituality as a crutch in so many ways and it was causing me to become self absorbed and i was losing sight of what it really means to embrace being human. He simply instructed me to stay occupied and entertained as much as possible during this time. Its also another important lesson in trusting the process. I literally feel his presence in my brain rewiring my programming from the inside out. Its causing me to dissociate frequently and i go into these abyssmal states of mind i simply call “pineapple moments” so my friends know that when i start getting weird and spacey on video calls, that its some “weird psychic shit” going on. (I love my friends. So supportive and understanding). But yeah it seems like during this stage of my life, a big part of my lessons is revolving around learning how to connect with myself and others on a mindane human level and embeacing the spirituality in every moment, regardless of wether im doing pracrices or not. Anyways i hope this helps someone. Any comments, elaborations, or advice is highly encouraged and welcome :grin:


Holy shit the typos…sorry im not feeling like correcting all that :man_facepalming: bear with me guys


Ever since I discovered the occult, I stopped worrying about the future. I got the notion that I’ll “magick all my problems away”. This notion, I understand, has both flaws and benefits.