A lamen

The book I’m working with right now involves something called a lamen. Apparently a lamen is a pendant used to symbolize the authority of the magician through their relationship with the godhead. So it’s like a badge of office.

How does this work with left hand path workings? Can one where a lamen towards a god like Odin or a demon like Belial?

Also, I’ve created the actual pictorial symbol on google draw based on the book’s design. How do you suggest I make it into a physical item?

If you want to wear a lamen for LHP workings, use the Seal of the Sorcerer from EA’s grimoire Kingdoms of Flame. It serves that purpose and is respected by all spirits, unlike the Seal of Solomon, which is seen as threatening.

So how do I make one? Do I just print it out and put it on a string? I remember we used to do that with little paper crosses in bible school.

Yes, you could do that. However, it works better if you bring it to life first.

Personally, I would draw it out, invoke Omnipotence (or whatever you do to power up for magick) charge it with energy and then put it on a string around your neck before commencing the conjuration for the spirit.

Lamens are traditionally engraved on metal, but in modern times, paper works just as well.

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So it’s drawn up. I have another book with a ritual I can use to sanctify the lamen.

As for metal, in ancient times ceremonial magicians were in priestly orders which that supplied the metal being used. Most magicians today are stand alone, so it’s up to the individual to both purchase the supplies and create them.