A Java Sex spell!

Anything maybe, divination and experience would lead to the solution- correcting he spell. Indeed I think even mesmerizing would be also useful in a way not correcting but reinforcing and convincing your subconscious in one hand and helping to find the best resonance that match your target’s on the other; something similar rapport -hypnosis relations.

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I detailed some of my experiences with this particular spell years ago on this forum (in fact, it was my second post…) Rather than repeat myself…


@Rawiri thanks for the feedback as you see I had also confusing results. In fact for me the spell is working quite well but not on the target…

@ZAMRAN Exactly…
In fact that is why I try to analyse this spell because this spell is about convincing your subconscious mind I think because it says “Let her show her love to me” -> but when it says “let” this is a command directed to your subconscious mind. Normaly these kinds of writings / commands / demands contain a conversation with an entity or a deity but in this one I haven t found one so that s why I am talking about subconscious mind.

But on the other hand the word Alliens makes me ask the following question… are Djinns included because in some cultures or beliefs these beings are considered as Alliens.

Here is an another version of the spell from what I understood from google translation it requires to touch and carress the boobs of the target here is the link

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Interestingly Uncle Chuckie, the father and mother of psionics, has shared also something similar to the effects of that spell

That energy or aura based sense controlling, sure may have wide area of application possibly beyond sex

PS : Mantra Memegang Wanita Jarak Jauh sampai Terangsang - do you have English version, pls ?


Thanks @ZAMRAN
Yes uncle Chuckie is one of the funniest and the most generous writers on remote seduction. There are writers on this topic which NEVER give you the most efficient technique. Why ? Because of the damm morality and freewill issue. As Uncle chuckie doesn t have that useless freewill ideology he gives all…

Anyway I can give you the translation of the begining of the spell but as I as said the core part is the same and I feel like google can not translate it correctly (I wrote it above)…

Here is the beginning of the spell =

Mantra Memegang Wanita Jarak Jauh sampai Terangsang (Mantra Holds a Woman to Long Distance to Excitement)

  • Let her reveal / appear (show) love to my head (me)
  • Let her reveal / appear (show) desire to my head (me I guess)
  • Let her appear (feel I guess) my hand touch

And the rest is the same as I transmlted above…
The translation of this language by using google is extremely difficult.

You shouldn t use capitals, after to obtain a meaning you can go word by word after phrase by phrase after 2 phrases at one time…each time the meaning changes. If I translate the first 2 lines one by one I get the “allien” translation but If I combine 2 lines I have “Before the beginning of the day” so one alternative translation of it would be =

Let her show love to me
Let her show desire to me
Let her feel my hand touch

Before the beginning of the day
The yiest / milk / woman sperm is (was) subject to submissiveness
The target is (was) submissive

With my prayers
Mote it be

As I understood (not fully sure) from the page this must be done by imagining the target naked touching her boobs…and the milk that the spell mentions ? Ha ha ha…I don t get it…visualize the breast milk going out ? ha ha …I don t know…

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Any success stories yet?

Is this a spell that can be used remotely, possibly with a picture or visualization?

Since I don’t like the islamic ties I changed that part into so mote it be in latin
“Dadi mote dadi”

Or Alash tad al’ash Tal ashtu.

Thank you for posting! Do you have to use your left or right hand to do this? Does doubling up increase effectiveness? And what about range and proximity? We do live in an age of digital magic as well. If anyone has answers please let me know, as I am very new to this.

I said this like 10 times while looking at him and it didnt work and he started humming super Mario


I am still in awe… I tried this spell out tonight and it actually worked, but not exactly how I planned it to happen. Some background… I am gay and I have reason to believe he might be bisexual. I have a small crush on him. Our friendship comes first, but I wouldn’t mind a little more in all honesty. Anyways, my friend and I did a late night cardio workout at the gym tonight and during the breaks I kept rubbing my finger and saying in my head “as I rub my finger, I rub your penis.” Eventually we got a longer break and I kept said the entire spell properly in my head. At first he didn’t respond too much. We got onto the treadmill and while he’s running next to me I do the entire spell with all my energy over and over. He leans over and starts to talk to me, but I can tell that he’s kinda nervous. I was thinking maybe he was just getting tired on the treadmill, but I think the spell was taking an effect. We rest for a bit and I just casually look over at his phone, and crazily enough he’s on Tinder. Keep in mind I have been friends with this guy for 4 years, and he’s only been with two girls he claims in his entire life. I’ve never in my life seen this man on Tinder and we hangout all the time. Suddenly, when I am doing this spell he’s on?! So yes I do think this spell works, but I had trouble aiming the love and desire towards me. Maybe I can work on focusing on that part, and I’ll let you guys know how that goes!


this spell is about the gaze, more likely known as fascination or evil eye, very difficult to obtain it correctly almost impossible because its a old tradition and his techniques are kept secret.
but this type of spell will show you the power of your gaze, if it dont work for you you just dont have enought Qi to perform it, simple.