A interesting experience

Iv been going through a rough time right now, I feel it is mostly of me letting go of things that have been imbedded in me for most of my life. It’s a slow and honestly painful process for me.

So I was having yet another bout of that last night. I was tired after coming home from a very long day of work. I tried to get some sleep but I couldn’t. I tossed and turned but no relief came. Then an odd experience happened my toe nail some how broke. I don’t know how because I don’t remember doing anything to it. This of course bothered me to no limits so I got up to take care of it. After I got done I laid back down into my bed thinking I could find some sleep but nope! Of course not. I laid there looking at the ceiling. Then I started to feel this pull. This really deep pull. I sat up and looked at the circle that I had placed on my floor. For some reason I felt a calling to the circle (can the circle summon the summoner? Apparently yes, yes it can lol) I went over and lit a few candles and started to meditate. The energy became really thick not to long in and honestly I haven’t felt this amount for some time. In ways it felt like what I felt when I first started in Las Vegas but this felt more heavy but in a good way also it had another feel to it that I can’t explain. It was not bad by any means but new. After a bit I just started to talk out loud about what I was feeling then I felt a sense of understanding that this was part of my healing and growth. I also felt a understanding that indeed the beings that I have called on in the past to help me was in fact still with me.
Even though I still felt a sadness in me I understood then that I was not alone as much as I have thought and believed. They know exactly how much pain I was and am feeling and they didn’t want me to give into it. I thank them for letting me know of this fact and how this was simply one of those times for me to go through.
I went over to my bed thinking how I can now hopefully get some sleep seeing it was past two in the morning. I still couldn’t exactly sleep as I was hoping. I simply just laid there looking at my ceiling. But then I felt a presence that I haven’t felt for a good moment, Belial. For some reason his energy brings me a sense of peace and soon enough I felt his mind and next you know I passed out, how long I don’t know. But I experienced something interesting and beautiful. I saw what appeared to be a place of stars like space with clouds of deep purple and blues. It was so beautiful and so relaxing there. I don’t know if I was going or coming because next I know I was back in my bedroom. After a bit I fell back to sleep.

I just thought it was a interesting dream and experience to share with everyone. :slight_smile:


I’ve had moments (in really depressing times) when I’ve felt an external calming energy come over me that clearly wasn’t from me cause I was no where near calm during those times. When Ive been in my room (used to isolate alot) and would feel a calming energy throughout the entire room and take over me.

Interesting to think back on.


That is very interesting! Thanks for sharing:)

Looks like what I saw when I did Liber NV

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Thank you for sharing this experience :bouquet: