A intense awakening from my gifts

Recently I been doing things and it all came to me my senses they gotten sharper and stronger and more developed I started to see the beautiful spirits that are helping me and guiding me I started to hear them as well this experiences was intense but very beautiful and exciting to finally see all the spirits around me and feel them it’s more easier for me to go into a trance state now which I love even more to help me connect it feels like I got a boost from the spirits I been working closely and with the shrooms and weed mixed into my practice helps as well it’s so cool to see them with me helping me grow I’m so happy and so thankful I finally can see and hear them I been talking to them a lot lately hearing there voices is such a privilege and honour to hear them when you hear them You know it’s them because there voices sounds out of this dimension :heart: It well awaken you and help with your Clairaudience and seeing them can help you with your clairvoyant and there wonderful Presence can help with your senses remember to practice and make sure you summon the spirit that you want to to close to and time And exercise every day (I.e meditation) is very important and a lot of spirits really like it when you meditate helps a lot and trust me you would love it meditation at first is easy but the hard part is continue it everyday but when you get the hang of it you would love it for me I feel weird if I don’t meditate it’s a very peaceful and the most powerful tool out there is meditation and visualization trust me on this one getting close to a spirit is a wonderful feeling to because it’s a feeling that they have your back no matter what happens and it’s nice to be Visited by spirits makes me feel very super happy to the point I can’t stop smiling yeh I really love the spirits I’m close to they’re always there when I need them! Sorry for the ramblings but anyone can pm if you need any advice on working with your gifts I got some fun and very helpful info on developing your clairvoyants


Good job , keep working hard and practicing .


Thanks I can see everything and it’s so cool I been practising on developing my astral senses which is a massive help for seeing and hearing and feeling everything around me and I noticed a huge change I can see spirit inputting the physical and astral and spirits plane it’s a very very interesting vision and My mind become focusly deep into a tran like state of mind and start to repeat the chant it’s so interesting on how much your senses can surprise you and plus I have wonderful spirits by my side helping me develop them and explain my new and interesting senses!

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I had exactly the same feeling of happiness when I started to hear them,I hear one year and I am still excited :smile:

How did you reached that state?

Meditating,evoking and practicing 5-6 hours with spirits on a daily basis,I got result after two years.


Hmmm really?

To get into a trance state is to let go of all of your worries just be in a wonderful union with the spirit another away is you could meditate and say Io Satanas in your head and slowly you well begin to develop your ClairAudience