A hindu demon who helped me

I’m just curios about demon’s (asuran /arakan) in Hinduism. I’m an Indian who got into trance practice in my 20’s. After several drawbacks and backfire, I totally lost faith in god and demigods. But I was eventually attracted to this certain demon called Arakan who came in the right time. I came out from my phobia and fear after listening and following his steps. There is always a number 3 associated with arakan as I get dreams or sign of number 3 before he comes up. After a few months he (Arakan) told me to continue my path with Lucifer who I have no idea who that is. After making a pact with lucifer, I’m happy to say that a lot have changed. Good vibes, great health, peaceful, boosted my confidence and etc. Would appreciate if anyone reading this could share their thoughts on this. As I can’t find any articles in hinduism regarding arakan. Maybe there could be something about Arakan in different countries. Just want to show my gratitude to him(arakan) as he showed me a great path with Father Lucifer.

Sorry if my English is a bit off, still working on it.

Love from Malaysia.


You may need to dig into the older forms of language and vedic myth to find the figure your looking for. Alot of deities were shifted in name and position and even divinity depending on what the culture shifts were between evolution, conquest and expansion.

For example if you dig into the language you will find root connections between indra and thor along with several other norse and vedic gods. Are they one and the same? Yes and no. Both of the same energies but different vibrations of those energies.


Maybe the spirit ( Arakan) , is a servant of Lucifer

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Interesting. You had no idea who Lucifer was, yet the demon told you to work with him. Cool!

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Not familiar with him but some Asuras like Bali are pretty benevolent. They’re a different tribe of divinity and have some similarities with the Jotuns.


I can confirm this. Indra has a very Kingly energy to him while Thor has more of a big brother energy. They’re both friendly though.

Whoever Arakan is what I would do since it was him who refered you to King Lucifer I would thank King Lucifer himself. Since you are a Hindu in order to thank King Lucifer you could do a five offering puja using his enn.

Thanks , I will do that for sure.

Thanks for the information. I would go through the vedic myth. Thanks again

Thanks a lot Twilight_Dragon. I need to explore the asuran you mention. Will read about Bali for sure. Thanks again.

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You’re welcome. King Lucifer’s enn is: Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer. Now come to think of it I think Lord Krohda Bhairava can also help you in identifying who Arakan is since he has dominion upon these type of spirits. Also if you can remember how Arakan appeared to you when he contacted you then you can call him in your mind, after meditation, in the name of King Lucifer or in the name of Lord Krohda Bhairava and Arakan shall be there. That way you can thank him directly.

im not an indian but im really interested on Hinduism spirituality if you happen to know any good text about indian demonology dont forget to mention it