A Group Accidental Evocation (But it was indeed a success)

To start things off I would like to thank @CrypticAce54. This is going to be a fairly short post as I’m low on time for the day (Have a quiz). Hopefully, if some of you are out there struggling with belief this can help you. So, @CrypticAce54 and I were sitting in algebra talking, and paging through the Goetia like normal teens do. We went around the the invocation bit at the back, and I started reciting it using King Paimon as the spirit. This was really just out of pure silliness as I had no actual intent on evoking him in school. Sure enough when I got to the part where I started affirming myself as the exorcist @CrypticAce54 wasn’t really feeling it, and started to get a bit overwhelmed. I stopped and immediately after I stopped an incredibly loud timer on someones phone went off. I think this holds some relevancy as it sounded with the bell tower sound effect if I’m correct. I hope I was able to help someone out, and by all means don’t hesitate to tell me your thoughts. I’m always open to new ideas.


Lol, It was fun, for some reason when he started the exorcism part, I felt Lilith start to leave (she has been partially possessing me for a while now) and it hurt so I said stop, cuz I didn’t want her to leave yet. Then the bells went off. And of course we could start to feel King Piamon. It was amazing.

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