A Gratitude Thread 😀

Hi all,

Just felt a need to give thanks to the wonderful People of this forum and the Elder Gods…

Just in the few days I’ve been here, I have received so much Love, Support and Knowledge in my Magical as well as Mundane workings, that I really feel it is helping me become a healthier, happier and more whole human.

The people and entities, who helped me are many, and I will not try to name them,
but I do wanna convey my feelings…

Have a Great weekend.


I don’t think we have talked, but you seem nice.

Have a good weekend, mate.


Thank you mate, you too.

I want to collaborate and learn from as many people as possible.


Awesome, hope you have a great weekend too. :sunny: :smiley:


I finally found a community committed to Truth, Wisdom and Results in the real world…


Yup, we want money, sex and get back to those who one time 17 years ago said something unkind to us. THEY ARE GOING TO BURN MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

And booze. We want booze too.


To tell You the Truth,
I’d do the occult pro bono, if I could,

But, you know we live in the real world
And we have our physical needs…

That’s why I’m so obsessed with the Earth,
because it holds everything one would want…

Hells, Heavens, Worlds, creatures, you name it, depend on it.

My main goal in life is achieving Physical Immortality…

The more alliances you make, the faster you grow, so it only makes sense…


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