A good/benevolent skinwalker?

Erm there is one for the boar too. They all embodied different aspects. Also they DID wear the skins of those animals as well.

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Then let yourself to be guided by Wolf and Eagle spirits! Based on my experiences, they can make an excellent job and you’ll notice how you are moving forward by them. I do not believe in coincidences, but I do believe in your sophisticated senses. And they won’t lie.

The “astral shapeshifting” is a part of the physical shapeshifting, but of course, you can’t keep it up all the way, because you originally own your human body for a lifetime. However, with this… you have a chance to get the spirit animal’s body in your next life.

I feel myself strongly connected to Wolf, Owl, Bear and Coyote.
The Coyote guided me towards a Skinwalker, weeks ago.


Girl this is so beautiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I’m not sure if it’s true, but I heard that werewolves in Irish folklore were mostly benevolent.

They would guide people who were lost in the woods and make sure they reached civilization.


Odd, and sorry to derail but i haven’t heard of kelpies in so long… That and stories of changlings, as a kid i use to get so scared that I was actually a changling because id hear random Celtic music outside my windows at night and nobody else did (i grew up in a suburb in Massachusetts, so it didnt make sense) still hear it every so often.

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There are also selkies.



Yes, I really love Selkies :heart_eyes: I wish there were more movies and online shared encounters of them :heart_eyes: They’re beautiful

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Letting the powers to work is a well rewarding operation. And it also requires patience. Not because you’ll get spiritual raise, but because they’ll help to contact the right persons with the right informations, knowledge, and even with yourself!

An Elder Navajo man were our big help; now I know about a ritual, which can help you specifically to encounter one. It is not safe, and you have to get lot of ingredient (I won’t lie, it is hard to get all of those indgredients, so it can take even months to prepare).

To be honest, some days ago I started to think about processes, different ways how you can transform. Then suddenly a picture of my grandma came into my mind. I noticed immediately, that she was my first kill (as I wrote about it before), and she was a person whom I loved so much. When she broke my heart, I cursed her. Within two weeks, her arm got chopped by a machine. I didn’t killed her yet.
Months ago, my near relatives started to harass and abuse me and my family. I wanted to take revenge on them in a most painful way. I knew, that they love her, so my target became my grandmother whom I didn’t speak since that tragedy (and believe me when I say, I could hug and smile at her with the more honest emotions; with love). She died within 2 weeks, and I got the chance to smile at my relatives on the funeral.
Technically, I killed a beloved one just because I want to cause pain to my other relatives. Her ghost haunted me for years after I killed her.

This fast vision like retrospect coming from nowhere is helped me to realize, that somewhere deep inside I’m not that innocent person who I wanted to appear before others, and there is a reason why I had to leave magick for silent months ago (before Skinwalkjer has came into my life), when I felt the corruption in my mind. Every time when it hit this state, someone has died or ended up near to death.

The most interesting part of it, that everyone in my near thinks that I am the protector of the family and all people who ask her help. Which is true. Even me believes in this. But wonder if I lost the control again, or a reason just came up to do what I did before, what would stop me?


Dear this sounds horrible… I am sure that there is a way You can stop being a danger to those You care for those You do not wish to harm :broken_heart: Sometimes with great power indeed comes great responsibility and when that power is not being controlled the responsibility can turn into an actual burden… I really hope that this chain of unfortunate events will be broken and You will be able to lead a normal life or even maybe trully become someone’s protector :heart_eyes: Hmm… You mean contacting them in the physical, or summoning these shamans’ spirits? :thinking: I won’t lie… I am curious but… If it is really that dangerous… Could I or someone close to me suffer as a potential side effect of said ceremony? :fearful::confused::thinking:

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You killed her months ago, but her ghost haunted you for years after? Did noone catch this?


Faustus, if you do a research back you’ll see that I killed her long years ago. :slight_smile:

I was way younger when it happened. My first curse in THAT year caused that she lost her arm. We didn’t contacted with each other after that at all. Months ago (after this happened), my near relatives started to abuse and harass us, and this was my second curse which leaded towards her death.

As I said before, my first kill happened when I was 14 years old (and as I mentioned, she was my grandmother - so it happened 8 years ago). I killed my doctor in the same year. It was a very painful year in my life, filled with depression (and I got cancer after that) and anger. This is why the doctor became an another victim of mine. I was lost, in fury and mad.

This was the first sign of corruption and a very powerful evidence of how unstable I am.


Yeah, you are referring to the above which exactly says you killed her years ago. Now you are saying she was just injured years ago and killed months ago. both accounts can’t be true

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You really don’t get it? :woman_facepalming:

The only contradiction is in your head.

  1. I cursed her, because she broke my heart (early summer). She lost her arm - I left her alone with her beloved ones, as she turned away from me.

  2. The near relatives who loved her so much, started to abuse and harass us later (autumn) when it’s happened. And she got killed within 2 weeks after that argue with my relatives (in the same year, late autumn).

What causes Complexity?
I made her cripple in that year, and in the same year I killed her.

I’m finished with explaining this dark part of my life, for the only reason why you don’t understand is: if you don’t want. I’m pretty sure that you are an intelligent person, so you should.

Every time when I feel myself balanced and peaceful , for some reasons it’s change (sometimes after weeks, or months). Looks like that somewhere deep inside my anger didn’t get banished.
Anger? Not sure that this is the right word for that. I tried to find answer to this question, and analyze my situation, but this is not easy. I must be stable when I examine my situation, my behavior and inner changes when I harm others or I’m about to do it, and it is hard to find any “reason” behind my activities and urges.

Perhaps certain things make me easily “angry” or change my mood and motivations, which I don’t know yet. Or I identify my emotions with others’, what infect me as well, and this might be the reason why I act in this way. But that’s not always the case, which means that I didn’t find the key yet.

However entities and spirits with similar motivations are always attracted me. Probably some of them have an effect on me.

Experiences what I heard about this ritual showed that this ritual can summon them seemingly “physically”, or manifest them in some way (+). After I had a better look at the ingredients needed, I can understand, why is this ritual so powerful and effective. But I’m sure that I don’t know everything about what’s going on exactly when you following the instructions, so still I have to try understand what’s going on really behind this ritual’s veil.

And yes, it is better try to keep away your beloved ones from this ritual, but even if you try this, they can be easily “chosen” by the Yee Naaldlooshii as a payment for his help or taken time.

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Eight years ago is not months ago. Anyone can deduce the timeline for themselves at this point.


Months later *…? :thinking:

Yeah, bad grammar. I’m spiritually drunk today to talk in english. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I agree with this actually. At one point I was learning different trances from Freyja and she actually told me the same thing.

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I feel the connection to it, but I am cautious about it. It is not a trance to be used willy nilly. I think people dont take the power to kill someone seriously enough. Its not a game or to be used for petty foolishness. If one manifests that towards others without care it will come back on them tenfold.

I dont mean to rant…just hate hearing people talking about killing for revenge or petty bullshit or whatnot when most of them couldnt even fathom a battlefield or fight on one without their false sense of power to comfort them.

I think Odin can see the wisdom in that.


No. You don’t get it. You don’t get that some people actually know more than you. And you don’t get that being sarcastic and condescending when knowledgeable people like @Faustus point out flaws in your story does not make it more believable. This happens in practically any case where someone disagrees with you, they get snarky and petulant retorts from you, but zero reasonable discussion, like for example that other trainwreck of a thread about skinwalkers, where you not only displayed cultural ignorance, but blatant disregard for any attempt to educate you from people who actually are in the know.

If you reserve the right to indicate that others are stupid because they ”don’t get it“, then others can reserve the right to call you out on your inconsistent or inaccurate statements. @Lady_Eva


You say that I am a liar because of my bad grammar and because he don’t get point because ONE damned word what now he used againts my part of life? Wow. The “big magickians”.

New level of jealeousy, like always. Let’s hope it’ll dig out my grandma’s dry corpse from her grave. I wasted already too much time on people who have a problem with me because of my successes.

Disrespect towards them? I got even an Elder’s trust. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t do anything with disrespect. It is in your imagination. Just because you act like a person who don’t even want to understand others, at least His head was clear.

Thanks again! Always a pleasure. I surely hope that this will help you to… Grow? Yeah. Well probably this is why we are here now.

I’m finished. Too much time wasted already.
Much blessing on you.

Nagash phone :calling: