A god serving under Ishtar who turns people into mindless slaves

I’m asking because this has shown up for me twice in the past year during my journey with Belial (I’m doing the Black Gate pathworking with him, so he is obviously showing me another chain/master to get rid of).

This male god serves under Ishtar, and what I’ve observed non-physically, is that he turns people (for real), mentally, into obedient, mindless slaves to do his (or his client’s) bidding. They then go from being regular folk to mindless zombies for the time he exerts his influence on them. They’re referred to as “workers”.

I know he serves under Ishtar because the first time he showed up in my waking reality (after I was attacked by one of these “workers”), he tried to do it to me. He was clearly working for someone else, and he was full of hate for me. Ishtar showed up and told him to respect me. I feel like he is associated with the underworld.

He showed up again recently, months after the original event and tried to do the same thing to me again.

Does this god seem familiar to any of you? What is his name?


I have no idea but this sounds harsh lol

I do not believe it is possible to enslave someone to the zombie state. But I got a lot of interest in demons like Ladilok and other enslaving entities. If someone can share the experience with such spirits, it will be very good.

I don’t necessarily mean enslavement. The influence he exerts only lasts for as long as it’s deemed “necessary”. I don’t know exactly how it works. But what I was able to observe was pretty horrifying. It’s also possible that these people are shades.


May you elaborate? Also, do you know this God’s name?

I’m asking the same question.

This god seems really familiar to me, seems like the chief one ruling earth right now :rofl:
There are more mindless slaves now than ever before it seems.


Yeah, that’ll be because the twerp who calls on this god to have people do his bidding (mind control) is likely under Jehovah’s/Yahweh’s influence. This is a common thread throughout my Black Gate pathworking with Belial. Ime, a lot of people serve Yahweh without realising it.

Could it be Enki? I haven’t worked with him closely but he does what you mentioned in his lore to Abzu.

Also Marduk has the capability of doing this too

Well, if he works under Ishtar, why not ask her?


Because my clairs aren’t as reliable as they were, due to chakra problems.

Because this has nothing at all to do with Enki or Marduk - I’m not looking to utilise the god’s skills. :wink:

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I mean maybe it could be a mask of theirs

Could it be Ted?