A few question about the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers

Hi everyone.
I have a few question about the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers.
Please dont takt this as a critique on the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers. Many people, me inclusive had times where they having a hard time in life. And they are very open to make a pact with the devil. But I am far away to sell my soul to anyone. I had tried these Light and Love stuff from Right Hand Path, but it felt so odd. People of the RHP are nice people, but its not my thing I guess.
Before I go further with any decision in my life, I have some questions.

1- What does it mean when Koetting talks about damnation?
Damnation in what sense? What did this mean for us?
2- What do they 9 Gatekeepers want in return when we have made a pact with them?
People dont do things because of charity. 3- What does it mean when Koetting talks about to bring the apocalypse and the infernal empire to earth? I hope he dont mean World War 3 or such thing.
What is goal of the Gatekeepers?
4- When Koetting talks about the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers unholy quest to help us,
why did he call it unholy quest ? Why is it unholy?
5- Why did Koetting call them Evil forces in his videos? It sounds like you having a friendship with a serial killer or a psychopath. Even when you have the guarantee that they will not harm you.
6- In the first book Belial: Without a Master, they talk about to change the human DNA.
After you have gone through the DNA surgery, should it not be your duty to procreate with someone afterwards? Preferably with someone who has also gone through the DNA surgery. Otherwise the whole thing was for nothing. Because they talk about our evolution.
No children, no evolution.
7- Do we have to make a pact with all 9 of Demonic Gatekeepers or can we cherry-pick, if you only like a few of them?
8- Koetting has worked 3 months with each of them. And he had a hard time with each of them.
Do we have go through the same hard time when we make a pact?
And is it also 3 months with each of them, when we work with them separately?
9- Did anyone here in this forum has going through the 9 gatekeepers process?
What has change? Was it worth it?

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