A few queries

After having an interest in magick for several years, but from being confused by old pdfs found online, and purchasing spells online (with no success), i finally decided to make a serious effort to try and learn at least some of this amazing art, after finding this great forum.

I bought BALG 2 days ago. I also read Practical Sigil Magick, and did my first sigil the same day. I’ve just started reading New Avatar Power, since some forum seem to rate it highly.

I want to keep the ball rolling, and try small, say “useful”, practices, that will yield results to get my confidence and compentence up. I was going to try the “Love Spell That Inflames Lust In Anyone” thats on the main site, since i have a red jar candle, but in BALG the spell says it requires a black candle, aswell?

I’m also interested in maybe creating a sex/attraction talisman of some sort, if thats within my beginners ability?

Sorry for the long and winding email, but if anyone could point us in the right direction, i’d be really grateful.




Here’s some good threads to get you started.

To answer your questions

The color of the candle is secondary to intent but since your new at this I’d recommend following the spells to the letter until you got the basics down.

I’d hold off on trying to make a talisman until you learn how to manipulate your energy. If nothing else create a sigil of your intent and keep it with you as a talisman. Sigils are very useful and somewhat underrated in my opinion.

Thanks so much! I’ll check out the links.