A failed pact

Print out his sigil like incense there, candles.


I made a pact with Dantalion to bring me hundreds of thousands of users to my app, so should I ask Bune to just bring me the certain amount of money I want ?

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Um, feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Bune recommended for the a) advanced or b) exceptionally talented at writing loophole free pacts? I’ve read way too many experiences of people asking Bune for money, only for Bune to grant it to them in the most tragic of ways. Example, house burning down and getting a check from that, or getting hit by a car and getting settlement money.

Be careful.

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Yea but I have a couple of apps that I want him to make the money for me from

Uh, cool? So you’re only going to listen to what you want to hear, then? “yeah, but I really want money so I’m completely going to overlook anything that might go against what I want to do.” You do you.

Just do your research is what I’m saying. Read the good stories and the bad stories. Actually look into the occult, not just what some internet strangers have to say on the subject.

But what do I know, I’m just some internet stranger.


So what demon would you recommend to me ?

Who would you recommend?

Also, to remain on topic to your original question, I’d recommend you contact Orobas and ask if all is good. Just because you haven’t seen results does not mean the pact is negated. Some spirits don’t like you bringing in someone else, especially if you haven’t consulted them beforehand. Don’t assume. Assumption is the pitfall of left hand path workers.


So should I use a pendulum to ask him ?

No I was a beginner and worked just fine with her.

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You are wrong.

Spirits aren’t waiting for humans to come in with a fucked up pact just to have a laugh at us.

When you talk about those experiences, you need to take into account what the person is doing. They could have offended Bune, threatened her, done whatever, to get such a response. Perhaps they even needed to learn a valuable lesson, and Bune was actually helping the person.

Fact of the matter is, spirits don’t usually fuck you up for no reason. You don’t need to be advanced or exceptionally talented at writing contracts. All you need to do is come from a place of power AND respect.

Respect the spirits, act like the God you are, treat them well.

That’s all you need.


This dude is a troll- does the same thing over and over again in several different threads

“Which demon do you recommend?”

“Should I use a pendulum?”

Then it doesn’t work and he starts a new thread



That’s just one of several experiences I’ve found on Bune. The most famous one, so I easily found it. The examples I cited were actually real examples. There are a bunch more littering the internet.

I’m not saying that every single spirit is waiting to get the jump on us. I never said that at all. I talked about Bune and Bune only. That would be a gross generalization.

Which is exactly why I said 'be careful." Some people never see past the money, and don’t stop to realize that every spirit has their own way of dealing with things. Sure, maybe someone needed to learn a lesson or what have you, but they don’t know the magnitude of what exactly they might be inviting into their lives when evoking said spirit. Many aren’t ready for that. Yeah, she might be teaching a lesson by burning down his house, but does the spellcaster really think about that when faced with the sight of all his worldly possessions being lost? Were they really ready for that? Did they even want it?

As for the contracts, I’ve worked with espiritu burlon before which roughly translates to a “mocking spirit.” Trust me, forget about loophole free, you need a damn near bullet proof pact or wording to get anywhere with them. Not all spirits might be lying in wait to pounce, but don’t sweep them all under the rug as benevolent. Some are, some aren’t. And this isn’t just one–they’re so common in my path that they have a name for them.

Because someone always has something different to say

You might say use a pendulum for … reason and someone might say don’t use it for … reason .

Here’s what you should do. Make a sigil for yourself. Write out a short sentence. “I want loads of dosh” remove repeating letters syllables. Next form those letters into a unique symbol. Write that symbol down on a paper and meditate on that sigil. There you go mate.


Did you have a well established connection to oroboros before the pact? If not that is probably where you went wrong. Try to have good working relationship with the spirits you work with. You should also have worked with him for an extended period of time before making a pact. Maybe try extensive periods aka 3-6 months to a year of working with said spirit. That way you know your connection is well established before making a pact.


Got it

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Kll has an excellent point m


“Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”

Science and art, just like surgery. So for reasons that I will not mention, somehow you have the idea that you can do a bit of comfortable internet research and then ‘BINGO’ you’re a competent Magician who doesn’t know how to effectively banish and has absolutely no idea why that’s important. But cheer up! Just keep trying to contact and connect with entities of so much power and one way or another you’ll discover that Magick really does work – (hint) probably not in a good way.

My Magick (such as it is) was foundered upon abject, fucking failure! Time and time again. I made so many cock-ups and learnt a lot. Early on you generally don’t have that much knowledge (or persistence) so your Magick is piss weak. That’s what saved me, that and a grounding in Ceremonial Magick.

Magick has a high burnout rate and the lhp even higher – like moths to a flame. And I’ve seen some really classic Magickal burnouts and tragic fuck-ups on both paths. Horror movie stuff. But don’t let me stop you. Anyway, you’ve done one pact and it never worked, so maybe it’s time to move on and try more fertile fields of endeavour, like a musical instrument or the Taro. If you can’t whack out a tune or accurately divine answers to your party time questions in say twenty minutes, move on to something else; like Frontier Psychiatry.



Few things in this thread, since I got @'d:

  • Buné isn’t some evil being who’s out to get people, however she does work with INHERITED wealth (including spiritual and genetic - good spirit to see if you have inherited genes for bad health btw) and therefore her office or whatever you want to call it, when forcing money down her streams of influence, may on occasion take the form of things being destroyed to bring wealth, I don’t know and don’t really have time to take it to her right now, but I can see how it’s possible - however, that’s not the same as her just doing things for laughs;

  • Orobas is, indeed, not the correct spirit for this, you need King Paimon to influence, a Mercury talisman to bring money via the app, things like that;

  • however don’t go assuming he’s doing nothing, as was mentioned about by EvelineJanus.

How many spirits do you have working, in some way, on this right now?

It’s hard not to agree with @Soon2bAdept - not that you’re a troll per se perhaps, but I keep seeing more or less the same things and then they all turn into people saying basically, “You need spirit communication” and you going on about pennies or pendulums, which as I explained at length won’t serve you in this specific kind of communication.

You also need to get a magickal mentor, a spirit, asap, if problem solving abilities are not your foremost skill, you need someone to do the heavy thinking for you and help plan things out, so again spirit communication needs to be your first priority here IMO.