A failed pact

Kll has an excellent point m


“Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”

Science and art, just like surgery. So for reasons that I will not mention, somehow you have the idea that you can do a bit of comfortable internet research and then ‘BINGO’ you’re a competent Magician who doesn’t know how to effectively banish and has absolutely no idea why that’s important. But cheer up! Just keep trying to contact and connect with entities of so much power and one way or another you’ll discover that Magick really does work – (hint) probably not in a good way.

My Magick (such as it is) was foundered upon abject, fucking failure! Time and time again. I made so many cock-ups and learnt a lot. Early on you generally don’t have that much knowledge (or persistence) so your Magick is piss weak. That’s what saved me, that and a grounding in Ceremonial Magick.

Magick has a high burnout rate and the lhp even higher – like moths to a flame. And I’ve seen some really classic Magickal burnouts and tragic fuck-ups on both paths. Horror movie stuff. But don’t let me stop you. Anyway, you’ve done one pact and it never worked, so maybe it’s time to move on and try more fertile fields of endeavour, like a musical instrument or the Taro. If you can’t whack out a tune or accurately divine answers to your party time questions in say twenty minutes, move on to something else; like Frontier Psychiatry.



Few things in this thread, since I got @'d:

  • Buné isn’t some evil being who’s out to get people, however she does work with INHERITED wealth (including spiritual and genetic - good spirit to see if you have inherited genes for bad health btw) and therefore her office or whatever you want to call it, when forcing money down her streams of influence, may on occasion take the form of things being destroyed to bring wealth, I don’t know and don’t really have time to take it to her right now, but I can see how it’s possible - however, that’s not the same as her just doing things for laughs;

  • Orobas is, indeed, not the correct spirit for this, you need King Paimon to influence, a Mercury talisman to bring money via the app, things like that;

  • however don’t go assuming he’s doing nothing, as was mentioned about by EvelineJanus.

How many spirits do you have working, in some way, on this right now?

It’s hard not to agree with @Soon2bAdept - not that you’re a troll per se perhaps, but I keep seeing more or less the same things and then they all turn into people saying basically, “You need spirit communication” and you going on about pennies or pendulums, which as I explained at length won’t serve you in this specific kind of communication.

You also need to get a magickal mentor, a spirit, asap, if problem solving abilities are not your foremost skill, you need someone to do the heavy thinking for you and help plan things out, so again spirit communication needs to be your first priority here IMO.


Would Buné be a good entity for passing on good genes to your children?

YES, that would be right down her specialist field of interest! :thumbsup:


Great, I already like her!:smirk::ok_hand:

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I have King Paimon on this and Duke Dantalion . They both are expected to bring me a lot of users .

I gave king Paimon a deadline of Thursday

Any other spirits at all?

To accomplish what? Asking for clarity, I know it sounds a bit interrogative. :smiley:

I’ve got enthusiasm for precisely one last shot at helping here so make the most! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh, that’s Lady_Eva​:joy::ok_hand:


Prince Orobas was suppose to help but his deadline is long done . King Paimon is working on one and and Duke Dantalion is working on the other .

Both of them are supposed to give me hundreds of thousands - millions of users for my apps

By Thursday?

This week?

I think you may be setting your expectations a bit high on the TIME factor there. I don’t know the app market but has any new launch ever accomplished this?

Magick mostly works with the POSSIBLE but IMPROBABLE, yes I am generalising but I’m talking about for a beginner, and using the methods you use.

I think you need to find good press for your app, a celebrity user (maybe some YouTube celeb, I don’t know that world) and get them to mention it, that will boost your sales, then you can ask King Paimon to make every endeavour and encounter with it prove favourable to you - i mean dammit, he got me replying helpfully on this thread! :thumbsup:


Yes it has been done before . A 14 yr old got 2 million users for his app in two weeks . And made the pact with King Paimon I think last Thursday . And I will agree I made a improbable deadline with King Paimon . I was expecting him to get me hundreds of thousands of users in 4 days

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Is yours comparable in some way?

Could you bump it by doing an “I summoned Satan himself to get me ahead in the apps game - here’s how it went horribly wrong” for example, on cracked.com, I mean these are the kinds of ways you can hustle to the front of the attention line in a world full of people scremaing “me too”…

(I’m not saying you “sold your soul,” nor that it did, has, or will “go horribly wrong” - I’m just thinking that if you want publicity, you gotta hustle a little :wink: )

I found pretty quickly in my own experience that even when receiving assistance from spirits you gotta put in the work too. They don’t give us something for nothing.

As a matter of fact, every time I ask for more power they remind me how hard I have to practice a skill while still holding the “knowing” in my mind that I already have the power- I just have to prove it to myself through doing it.


Well, here is the thing, the beauty of the Left Hand Path is that you are the sovereign creator of your destiny. Perhaps you did not stay in subjective synthesis long enough in order to build your energy up for sufficient contact.

I recently broke an Angelic pact with Raziel lately. It just did not work out, like what happened to you. I then moved on to Enkidorat because I felt he was a better match for me…and he did not disappoint. Perhaps, if you already put a ton of effort into this you should consider if you are justified in your own mind to simply move on.

As far as the left over sigil goes, if the results are not what you wanted, you might consider burning the sigil as a sign of respect and just moving on.

Good luck.

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In my other posts I was told to just forget about the pact and do anything that doesn’t have to do with my apps

Take some time to study the Goetia spirits and the left hand path. Work on opening your third eye so you can see and communicate with them. Most people only want to use the spirits to get rich quick and they know that. If you’re truly on the left hand path study and put in the work to awaken fully. There are a lot of great books. The pendulum isn’t good for communicating with spirits. Good luck!

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Welcome @GypsyMagick Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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Will do. Thank you.