A dream with azazel and thoth + questions on how to start an ascesnion journey

yesterday night i was thing about a new path working basically ascent,and i got a dream of few beings azazel,and thoth,
honestly i dont know how i will ask…
lemme explain
basically how to ask for it?
just say my request?

Hey OP! I can’t comment on your dream without knowing more about it. What made ya think it was those two that popped by?

on what i saw on my dream?its kinda hard to explain where i was but all i can saw it was like infernal pyramind,with flames and lightnings and i was staring there on the gates of pyramid was 2 figures one was azazel and other thoth i could regonize thoth, i actualy knew that the other was azazel as i woke up my mind gave me a flashback of the pyramid and my mind was like “AZAZEL,THOTH”

Yep! Dream intuition is pretty strong stuff. Do you remember anything else about the pyramid? Those guys embody different aspects of knowledge, so maybe the pyramid is where you’re headed/need to learn.

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