A dream with Archangel Michael

So, recently I had a dream about Archangel Michael. It was more of a nightmare actually. It went something like this…

Me and my friend were going on a trek and while we were en-route to the trek, we find an interesting looking copper coin. We pick it up and keep it with us. Later, some weird stuff starts happening. Body pains, we start stuttering and we realise its because of the coin. We throw away the coin but it doesn’t stop. My friend starts bleeding from his nose. I get freaked out and start saying the Lord’s prayer. ( I’m not a worshipper of Yahweh. I don’t know why I did that) Nothing happened when I said his prayer. Scary stuff is still happening.

Then somehow, the thought of Archangel Michael crosses my head. I just think of him, asking for his protection. The sky’s thunder, and he decends down in full glory and destroys the coin with his sword. And says, you need protection, you call me boy.

This raised enough doubts in me.

1)I was never a christian worshipper and mostly have some sort of resentment towards bible, I don’t even know why I prayed to Yahweh when the situation demanded.

  1. I used to pray to Archangel Michael back when I was a wiccan for strength and courage to get me through my day but never directly to Yahweh. Didn’t work with angelic entities much after I started working with Goetia and King Lucifer.

  2. People who work with Demons and Lucifer without any christian influence like constraining them, do you work with angels separately? And are your patron/matron demons okay with this?


“tell him he can work with me and Lucifer, we get along perfectly.”

message just now from Archangel Michael


Thank you so much!

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Yahweh did not help you in your dream but Michael did. Maybe that’s the message. Work with Michael and leave Yahweh behind.


Are you channelling Michael? Can you make sure it was him in the dream? This dream has been keeping me up since a few days. Thank you!

Makes sense somehow. My issue with it is that doesn’t Archangel Michael come under Yahweh? He’s present heavily through the christian mythology.

No he is far more ancient than christianity. Christianity merely “adopted” him. I havent got personal gnosis of this but many sources say that he doesn’t deal with Yahweh at all.


OMG i am so glad you posted this :yellow_heart:
My mother give birth not long ago to a girl , one night I dreamt my mother and my stepsister beeing attacked by shadows . The shadows wanted my sister
It was a long scary nightmare !!!
And it was a nightmare that helped me to control my dreams !! Very few time I could do what I want in dreams and at that time I wasn’t doing sigil magic yet .
I was so deprerate to help my sister that i managed to control the dream and asked Raphael help
His sigil appeared in front of me and the shadows disappeared
I think Michael helped you and maybe even had a message

Plus to tell you other story … Dualism :slight_smile:
We can work with both !! Because we are both light and dark
Raphael was with me and helped me heal from my abusive mariage but there is something he can’t do for me , heal my rage and hate towards mens
He gived me the option to do some shadow work and face my dark side with the help of Lucifer :slight_smile:
To learn how to transmute my hate


Wow, that’s so nice to hear! I’m glad to know Raphael helped you. I am not gonna lie to myself, I had a very bad opinion of Angels. Felt like a hypocrite not recognising Yahweh but trying to work with them. Knowing that you can work with them irrespective of your opinion towards Yahweh is kinda freeing.

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Great danger (no matter if in a dream or in reality) makes us seek help from whatever source we deem most powerful. Although you are not a worshipper of YHWH, you probably heard how he is “the one God that will protect you”. So in that moment of panic you chose him.
I remember walking home from friends late at night once, when I was 14. After midnight there are no streetlights in our village and it was a pitch black night, I literally couldn’t see my hands before my eyes. I prayed the Lord’s prayer over and over again until I was home.

However, the fact that Michael helped you in this dream can be a message for you. You can rely on his help. He is related to YHWH, but you don’t need to worship him in order to work with Michael.

You can also work both with demons and angels.


I don’t worship any entity, and I don’t work with some, cause I feel like we simply don’t match. But I respect them.
You could acknowledge YHWH as a god many people worship, but you don’t worship. Simple as that. Nobody’s ego hurt, not even YHWH’s.


“it was me in the dream, i came because you needed my help.”

Archangel Michael message

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Yahweh is the father of the Judeo angels so yes Michael is a son of Yahweh, however. You shouldn’t damn Yahweh because of the actions of those part of the religion formed around him.

You can work with Michael and not work with his father, just as many people work with beings and not their parents or children.

(Just saw that Helena already nipped it lol)


Good article

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This actually makes sense. No meaning in engaging in an ego battle with an entity.

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wow its very cool how Raphael led you to Luci, ive worked many times with the Archangels and Luci