A dream of my ancestor in Sumeria

So my ancestor Daleus the Sumerian master of dark arts, appeared in my dream.

He was in a desert and he was wearing a black hooded dusty cloak. In front of him was a fire, he held up a chicken took an athame and opened the intestines of the chicken and chucked it into the fire.

He then proceeded to open a straw basket, he pulled out a dark black and green serpent, he held it up in the air up to the sky and continued walking around the fire counter clockwise.

Then he cut open the serpent spraying the blood and venom into the Flames, he then cut his wrist and offered his blood into the flames.

He took his athame pointed at the fire and drawed out a symbol in the air while whispering some ancient tongue.

The fire started reacting strangely like changing to multiple colours and raging. I then woke up it was strange I wonder what’s the purpose of it all.

Perhaps preform a similar ritual?

This is gonna sound crazy, but that feels like time magick to me. The eternal flame, the surprisingly long but connected entrails, and the snake all feel connected to time.

And the fact you saw it all vividly in a dream…

I think your ancestor used that ritual to contact you directly.

But, that’s my gut feeling, i might be off base, I’m not the one who had the dream…

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Hmmm interesting sounds logical and is very likely, thanks dude.

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All Souls are energetic Memories. So your ancestor as a Soul would exist somewhere in your DNA.

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Yeah true funny you mention that he told me that no matter how far back my roots are always in my blood.

Thanks though.


I wonder if you should do the ritual the same way you saw the Sumerian master showed you, maybe he was teaching you on how to perform that ritual.

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Theoretically couldn’t you use the same ritual to connect with your future self?