A dream ive had

I’ll attempt to summarize. In this dream, I was at a government facility, but it was outside and seemed like it was a Stonehenge kind of monument. There was no floor only grass but computers with workers, and they were mounted on stones. Well I shot the place up, then came back the next day posing as an investigator. I spoke with the man and gave away that I had done it, and immediately ran up a berm and kept running until I was in an open field getting chased by men in two black cars. I met up with my friends and we were walking until we found a shop, but it was a bunch of filing cabinets filled with stuff on the side of the road. That’s all. It was ran by a couple with a young son. We asked for there help in fighting these guys (after we stole a handgun and 2 magazines from them), and the second the woman agreed the cars were back and she was shooting at them. Next thing I knew I was at an old rundown building with no glass in the windows and no roof. We only had knives, all of the guns were broken. When the cars came back we engaged and fought. This is where it takes a turn.

While we were fighting and killing the men chasing us, I got cut from collarbone to my heart, and I felt every inch of it. I died in that dream. After I died I felt as if I was on a roller coaster shooting up into the sky and was suddenly in space. There was a spiralling mass in front of me, red and blue with tendrils that seemed as if they were made of cloth and liquid and light and dark, some material I’ve never seen before. I was surrounded by humanoid figures made of some kind of matter that again, I couldn’t tell the material. The spiral spoke to me with sounds I’ve never heard before, almost seemed like something out of HP Lovecraft’s stories. The voice seemed almost like a hum, but there were so many other things that were going on with it that a “hum” would do nowhere near the justice it deserves. Then I woke up and immediately wrote it down. I’ve had that dream twice so far, spaced 3 months apart. The next 3 month span is approaching soon. Does anyone have a clue as to what this would mean? I would appreciate any insight immensely. Thank you for your time.