A dream I had awhile ago, and need help interpreting

So the dream started me standing on a hill looking down at a HUGE house. The house was black and looked almost like it was constantly melting or shifting. The house had towers that were burning. I walked down from the hill and approached the front gate. The front of the house had two wooden massive doors that looked at least 15 feet tall (rough estimate), I don’t know how i manage to open the heavy doors and enter but I did. When i got inside it was empty. The room I was in was massive, and was lit by torches, but the light was vibrant and easy to see. Large pillars held the structure and had some kind of symbols all over the floor. I walked down to the end of the room where there was an elevator and went up into the higher parts of the house. When i got to where i was going there was nothing but a hall way with what looked like dozens of rooms where torsos hang from meat hooks and chains. dead bodies and blood is everywhere. I enter one of the rooms, then hear some one moving out side the room so I hide. I find i nicely placed shotgun laying on the floor next to a body so of course I pick it up. I then proceed to leave the room and back down the elevator. And in the huge room I started in there were hundreds of these things. I don’t know what to call them since they really don’t look like anything i have seen before. the were black and melting like the house was like they were a part of it. some had a skull shaped face (others indescribable), and all had all I can describe as a pillar of flame on top of their head. but one thing i do remember was that every single one looked different and unique. they all started to approach me so I emptied out the gun on some of them and ran out as fast as i could (Being overwhelmed thinking I had not enough ammo for them all). They chased me through what ever town I was dreaming of (pretty normal town other than the house). as I’m running in someone’s back yard this big thing comes around the corner and just stairs at me. It was huge but this one looked like a body builder but the size of a mac truck, and moved like a gorilla. I ran, and it chased. I somehow ended up with a pistol and tried to shoot a gas can hoping it would light the beast on fire. I missed… it was too fast for me and caught me. it then took me to a house were two old ladies were sitting on there porch drinking tea. the mountain of meat went away and I walked on the porch and sat down and talked to them. I don’t remember what I said or what they said but we talked for a while. then their dog came out, opened the door by its self. It had very little fur and almost looked like it was half decayed. I reached to pet it on the head and its head then folded open and it had rows of teeth. it bit my hand and all I remember hearing what one of the old ladies saying… “once the teeth sink in your fucked”. I then woke up and my hand where the dog would have bitten me was numb. no I wasn’t laying on it, I knew this because I woke up on my back and my hand was over my chest. I didn’t know this was even possible to happen but it did.

This dream happened a while ago, but research into astral projection has lead me to accept the fact that I could have been out of body (Though some things don’t add up like the conveniently placed shotgun, how I ended up with a pistol, as well as the conveniently placed gas can that I missed). I won’t rule out astral projection completely but I am very sceptical of that being the case.

What I do think the case is though, is that there is a message here I can’t seem to grasp (Thus I am here). I usually don’t record my dreams, but this one I did. If I believe a dream to be important Ill record it, and few of my dreams have been recorded. I also don’t interpret my dreams, as I was not in a state to listen to them. I now want to start to open my ears and listen to what my dreams are telling me. This was the first dream I ever recorded as It was the most vivid of all of my dreams I have ever dreamt (All of my dreams are vivid and real but nothing compared to this). I think something important is here, but can’t see it.

Help interpreting would be nice (But I realize that it is only I who can find out what the dream really means as It was my own (Obviously.). But this doesn’t mean you the reader can’t hand some insight). But what I am really looking for is methods of interpreting. What should I look for? Are there books (That aren’t complete bunk, as wasting my time I want to avoid as I have done enough of that already (Long story).) on the subject of interpreting dreams? Just a point in the right direction is all I need really.

Thank you for taking the time to read as I know this was a long one.