A dream brought me here

Hello everyone! After having dreams in which there were strong ‘presences’ (I have no idea how else to word it) and which have lingered in my mind for ages afterward I’ve finally found the right place to gain some insight, it seems! I’m glad to see a community like this exists.

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Did the dream also lead you to write a woefully subpart intro ? :wink: I’m only joking, but darkestknight will probably be by soon to harass you for a bit more info; previous experience, date of birth… Pin number… that kind of stuff ( it’s part of the guidelines for the intros )
Welcome to the forum


Not quite :wink:

However, it would be nice to know if @unospace has any experience with magick or spirits in general. That way we can provide helpful advice.


Pardon my crappy intro, I thought I ought to include specifics in a different thread.

The thing with me, magick and spirits is that I think I’ve been… experiencing them? For a long time. It’s mostly been in the form of dreams, very strong and sudden feelings, etc. I’ve always felt kind of caught in the middle, so to speak. I’ve never tried to learn magick or any way to interact/interfere or… well, anything. I’ve just kept it to myself.

The only exception to this is that I used to read the Tarot; around age 10 I bought my first and only deck, and I still have it now despite not reading with it for several years. A Wiccan woman told me I had a talent for it and she was excited to help me ‘become a great little witch’ but she was a family friend and since this happened when I was young there was no follow-through on that. I still feel my deck has a distinct personality and I’m very attached to it though.

Otherwise, I’ve tried to keep records of dreams that stick out to me for any reason but that’s all that comes to mind.


Thank you for elucidating a bit more, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile: