A dream and a problem

Any thoughts about this dream?

Hello guys, I would like to know your opinion about this dream I had and how it is related to my current problem.

For a while now, I’ve had an absurd amount of libido, even if I try to relieve it I feel like it’s just adding fuel to the fire. I managed to abstain from any sexual contact for a while, but shortly after, inflammation began to develop in my lower back, followed by severe pain which began to disappear once I resumed sexual activities.

I recently had a lucid dream in which I was with a young woman with white skin and short hair, there were details that I no longer remember but from one moment to the next we were about to have sex. When we started she reacted like any young virgin would what startled me a lot because I was clueless about her virginity, when I came out of her and noticed the blood I realized it was coming out of both of us.

The thing is that my member began to shed its skin like a snake, the skin began to peel off and elongate in a tubular shape until I literally ended up with a large snake skin on my hands, and that’s all, no more no less, just a bunch of questions.

I would like to receive the opinion of any of you, I’m tired of being stuck at this so I really appreciate your time and help.

Ty for reading.


I think its based on raising your sexual energy to a higher level. For example the energy is trapped in the root and sacral chakras, possibly why it feels uncomfortable you need to practice raising that energy into the other ones all the way to the crown chakra.

Bleeding after intercourse can symbolise that you are searching for something more than a physical expression of sex and love. Also that you could have emotional trauma you need to work through and also you have the need for receiving love and affection that was possibly not received in your younger years.

Shedding skin is usually a sign of rebirth so your view on sexuality and relationships, will change and your emotional maturity will be developed. This of course once you start raising that energy to a higher state of being.

Perhaps look into Meditation, Sacred Sexuality, Kundalini Yoga, & Possibly Tantra.

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I need to take a break and think about this because you just hit the nail.

Thank you for your response, it helped a lot.

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