A doubt about "Talismans"

I’m new to the forum, so I take this opportunity to introduce myself:
I’m Tatanka!, I’m not native English speaker, I’m working on that :wink:

So the doubt comes with a resumed story…
I received a “Talisman” from a guy I know, It was a little nyform troll, that has the hands and the nose broken, He said the Troll had to stay out of the sun, and I have to put it on the middle of my desk. He tolds me that “they” are gonna help me to learn, and to achieve.
This guy have others trolls (3 to be exactly, he remains with one, he gave the other two to me and other friend of him, He received the Trolls as a Gift)
Time passed and the things were going better every day. I started to found Money on the street, where there was no one close, started to fell and see auras, sorcerer appeared in my life, they gave me books and other stuffs, but then I have to dream with this object, and one day on the midnight (like 3 to 4 AM), I woke up because I hear some noise on the Kitchen and on the ladders, Like children steps, they were too many, and laughs too, and I suppose that those sounds was the Troll.
When I woke Up, at 7 AM, I was with the Troll on my Hands. don’t Know why and how it got there. The thing was that, a Friend of mine (who he says that study the R.H. Path) Took the nyform troll and took him to church, and she left it there -.-"
The thing is that, the other two guys who have the trolls, they started to feel things(like touches) and to hear sounds, like two or three days on the week (not special days), and the owner (who have one) says that it happens because they were separated.

The doubt is, how this thing was created?, and there is any possibility to calm these sounds and things?.
The girl who took it to the church told me that they were made with so much hate, that it gonna “drain” my mental energy.
Well… I cant accept that :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Talismans can be created in a few ways. It can be that a spirit was tacked into the talisman, or a spell that was cast upon the talisman.

My suggestion is that you should do divination to find out a) if it is a spirit talisman or a spell talisman and b) if the talisman is safe for you to continue to have.

If your divination finds that the talisman is beneficial, then that’s good. If it’s a spirit talisman then put it on an altar and give it offerings. If its a spell talisman, then keep it around.

However, if your divination finds that the talisman is harmful, then that’s bad. If it’s a spirit talisman, bury it and pour charged water over it then perform a banishing ritual. If it’s a spell talisman, bury it and pour charged water over it.

I hope that this is helpful.

^ and also tell your friend to leave your shit alone and throw his shit into the nearest satanic church if he tries to bring your shit to church again

Thanks ashtker! I’ll see what to do

And, thank you thatrandomguy! That’s exactly what I thought at the beginning, but… well she plays saxophone very good :confused: It is quite useful hahaha