A Different Side to Focalor?

So I’m going to use the spelling Furcalor because when I don’t I feel like I’m being stared at by disappointed murder-craving eyes. Moving on…

Yesterday I did a ritual asking Furcalor to help me because I friend I have was hurt really badly and people were saying and I was scared he would to die. This friend has a bit of a dangerous occupation that involves lots of (paid-for/on-demand violence) and seems to enjoy said violence in general. When I began connecting with the friend last year Furcalor came to me and said that he was with this friend, would be, and cared for him, that he respected how he led his life by desire and through carnage essentially. I didn’t at all care for sharing space with Furcalor and he has low-key terrified me since forever.

When I got the news my friend had a bullet in neck, I was obviously distressed. And concerned for his life. When I heard his kids (young children) were told their dad was going to die I became more distressed. I don’t want him to die. I’ve been trying to get an energy read on my friend for days and the tarot cards have just been fucking with me. So finally I’m on break at work and I HEAR Furcalor as if I’ve given him permission to demand my attention and get in my mind like that. He suggested that he could help and I wanted to roll my eyes because ‘yeah right, you kill people for fun.’

So does this friend like I mentioned. I check out some readings and find that Furcalor has a thing for selective protection. I buy a nice new green candle and light the incense when I get home. We’ve already agreed on blood from a certain finger (which I thought was weird asf but whatever, he’s the demon and I’m a humble peasant asking for help in this situation). I say the enn, pull the cards, and meditate. Put some blood on the sigil and I start hearing things again. It began with “Blood for blood, flesh for flesh” which scared the living hell out of me. But it got more manageable after that intro. There was a moment when I thought, as per usual, that something might happen to him (the friend) and Furcalor yelled at me about not doubting him!!

Anyways, this morning at work I got the news that the friend will be able to walk and talk and all that fun stuff when he’s better. Furcalor has agreed to help him heal after the initial ‘please-don’t-let-him-die’ thing. He does need a plate in his jaw considering the bullet went through it to where it’s now living in his neck, but oh well. This is a side to Furcalor I had never imagined and I am so grateful to his willingness to help heal and protect those he believes are worthy of his energy.